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I would rename the video into "How to mprovise on the piano, even if you think you have zero talent". Long titile, I know Smile
Anyway, I think he shares very inspiring ideas:


Yes, I agree this is a very interesting video. Thanks for sharing it. Maybe we could set up a challenge to improvise over his Am chord progression.

Good beginning video. I like his system. I have followed Dave Frank as well, but he is specific to Jazz. I would be in favor of a challenge being started.

Me too. Let's go for a challenge. Can anyone think of the tags? Perhaps: challenge, A Minor, 3 chords (he says in the video 4 but they are only 3 as one is repeated).

I made it to the 10 min mark ... Smile hahhh, it's playing now as I type (limited time for stuff like this).

-- This, *same for Guitar, any instrument

Moreover... he did not have to Left Hand a melody too, -- a tad "advanced" for a total beginner, imnho.

As I do and look brilliant! Smile and not a keys player... I just Major Triad slam those three in any 1 4 5 or like his 1 6 7 prog (inversions, conserve "movement" so not the point for the chord rather than for not loosing your spot on the "Neck" Smile pattern; in that regard, on a Guitar a 9th can have a nice harmonic). So, yeah, just slam those three keys, look around the room Wink and in that Key or Chord rip up the linear path with the Right Hand.

Sit there for an hour a day and get that "spot" you sing in on the Keys... like for me, "D"... and you can talk you way into a lovely time with total strangers and no "talent" what-so-ever Wink as this guy titles this.

-- And, same for guitar, -- Cowboy Chords and a story to speak.

So many of these... so many... e.g.-isms...:

Even he talks to much and complicates the Left hand more than needs to. Just hit the 1 4 5, slam a Hole Note or 1/4's and noodle the Right hand.

Or on Guitar, strum chord (Right hand Wink hahhh!), noodle (Left hand Wink ) , strum chord, noodle, then sing... and you got 2000 blues songs read 2goUno!

-- Well, unless you're a Lefty then, the other left! Hey, do that make Left Handed Pianos!?? I wonder? You know the Bass on the Right and Treble on the Left? -- Mind blowing to have that someplace sitting out and not tell anyone.

Well, more coffee... ... ...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Smile Don't know about the left hand pianos but some people were playing exlusively left hand and made music for the left hand only. Whatever works Smile

I think it is a great discussion.

Ironically ? as a guitar player... one can comment generalised... some old "blues player", hit a chord, then noodled and when see Keys, -- what I do. It's "nothing" but you look brilliant to some Smile hahhh, well, maybe.

But, Left Band and Triad and Pentatonic Blues the Right... and in my little world... some are like "wow"... far more than if on a Guitar.

I am in no way a Keys player. I've had to, forced to for "classes". And I do LOVE a REAL wood, steel, piano, -- nothing beats that sound. I strive for it in some "electric Bass Guitar" tones... some say, "piano string" tone.

Hahhh, I wonder if the Left hand only keyboard stuff is collate-able to a Right Hand (hand drum even) rhythm on Acoustic Guitar?!... I did one track last year... I was not even playing a chord. The whole track (I think one person picked up on it...?) the whole track was Left hand Muted all 6 Strings and the Right hand string scraping, percussion was the "song".

-- Sure, how you mute the strings may still produce a "central tone" so am mindful of that.

I think it would be cool for a Guitar persussion on the strings like that with some Keys improve could be very interesting. I would imagine, that (as per a "metronome") the Guitar Track would be made first? But, who knows.

I only have so much time and type fast, but only really saw those "now". And the other day I was really wound up on the following day of Benydryl Smile hahhh... stepped on a Ground Bees nest (so took that to avoid any issues with the sings)... and took 3 that evening... hahhh... that stuff's like Kracke to me Smile hahhh. Mix my morning nuclear coffee with it, and well, -- it was a very productive morning!

But, anyway, -- good video. Love that stuff!

Yes! When one hand sounds like two. Her touch was marvelous. A study of bass clef for sure.

Kuznetsov has broader strokes, and monster sounds.
All from only one hand.

They are both good but I too prefer Kuznetsov. I can't remember the score but I expect there were both bass and treble clefs. Just for one left hand.