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ITV's "The South Bank Show" arts programme spent eighteen months back in the early 1980s documenting Peter Gabriel's process as he set about recording his fourth solo album (which is known as "Security" in the US). It's a fascinating insight into process. And it also features an appearance by a strangely moustache-free Tony Levin who explains the attraction of the Chapman Stick...


Back in 1982 when this was broadcast, the idea of bedroom musicians using tools as creative as the Fairlight CMI was laughable (it cost somewhere in the region of £35,000—more than my first house). These days, Arturia will sell you a faithful recreation of the machine that will run in your DAW and it costs less than €150. Dig around online, and you can even find the files Peter used for touring the songs from the album.


Anyone else got favourite items they watch for inspiration?

I like the Classic Albums series from Eagle Rock. Sometimes they go a bit far into history lesson mode, but I really like hearing the isolated instrument tracks and understanding how they fit into the whole production.

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Chris, I watch your stream for inspiration

@IA You're too kind, sir. Thank you!