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While 50/90 is one of the most awesomest songwriting challenges, I figured I would start this thread now instead of later in the challenge in case some folks needed to warm up or find places to write besides this challenge and February Album Writing Month (write 14 or more songs February 1- 28 or 29 if it is a leap year)

Here are a few I participate in:
April 4th though October 1 (intended to coincide with the end of and complement 50/90) the 100 songs in 180 days challenge is going on as a Facebook group.

The Song Skirmish Facebook group. Every Friday a prompt is issued to write a song in an hour (of your choosing) for most of the year although the consensus the last few years was to pause during FAWM:

National Solo Album Month (write and record 29:09 or longer of solo original material except one song may be a cover, November 1 - 30)

What other songwriting challenges would you like to share here?

Hi! I’d like to add Album In A Day, a part of the cr*p art movement that involves making an album within 24 hours collab, but I usually do them myself Smile It can be undertaken whenever you like, as long as you have a complete cr*p art album within a 24 hour period. That’s written, recorded, and ready to upload to the internet. The idea is to make original material, and the process of making is in itself the main purpose, the end product may surprise you.

@nerdjealous is it this challenge
(or something like it) to write 20 minutes or 30 songs in a 24 hour period? I may have done that in a past super skirmish or three Mail 1

Yes that’s the one Biggrin I may utilise it to get some quick rough songs down to rework over the challenge. I’ve never tried the skirmishes, they may also be worth my time.

Some good ideas here, I’d love to see what else people have seen/taken part in!

Song Fight! is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary and going strong, they provide a title and a deadline (and sometimes an optional challenge), you write a song and send it in, people vote for a winner. People tend to write reviews on the forum too if you want some more feedback.

Nur Ein is a knockout songwriting competition, the current edition is coming to a close soon but well worth a look and sticking it in your bookmarks for next year, I'm judging this year but have taken part the last two years and written some of my favourite songs as a result. It usually starts in Spring, April / May sorta time.

Spintunes is another knockout songwriting contest, but a little less intense than Nur Ein - four rounds rather than eight, with a gap for judging between each round. Schedule is kinda irregular but they have various social media profiles if you want to keep an eye out for the next round.

I did nurein this year and loved it. I'm definitely going to submit some songfights from time to time now. There is also GYAW group on Facebook. You have to write a song a week and need to do 50% competition to stay on otherwise you get booted, but you can reapply later if you want to. Sign up page is below: