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Anyone else getting this? On some pages I can only see a few of the songs posted. Like just now I was on someone's page and their profile said they had 42 songs, but I could only see 14 of them. It's happened a few times before too on other profiles.

Same here. @nerdjealous progress meter shows 42, however only 14 are listed. @Sunfire progress meter shows of 57 with 14 listed. I checked about 15 other pages and the counts matched up to the listings.

Seems to me I recall the answer being that when someone marks a song “private” it still affects their total count but it won’t be shown on their soundboard. Maybe?

What Barbara said. If you change a song to private then there will be no song listing but the song count will still reflect that it has been posted.
Also, if a song poster does this with a collaboration then it's likely that the collaborator(s) will not see the song in their song list.

I will ask them. You're probably right. Those are the same names I noticed it with. I just would hate for them to be missing out on comments if it's something else.