Online singing classes - are they worth it?

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I’ve been unsatisfied with my voice for a long time now, and the gap between what I want to do and what I can do just seems to get bigger and bigger. So, it’s decided, I need coaching.
Now I’ve been stumbling across training classes, like the ones from Chris Liepe, Ken Templin or Aaron Anastasi. Does anyone have some experience with these or similar courses? Do they help you make progress? Can you learn without a teacher analyzing your personal shortcomings and challenges?
Or would you recommend one-on-one teaching?
Thanks for any advice.

My wife is doing the Christina Aguilera MasterClass and she seems to like it. You could give that a go.

Online classes may be more convenient and you may learn some basics, but what I would think is lacking is the feedback from a personable teacher of what you are or are not doing correctly. I took voice lessons from senior students at our local music college and learned the basics even through they sang opera. The basics are all the same. After that what's important is critiquing your voice for the genre you want to sing in. I think online that might not work so well and be money wasted. You might want to ask around or call a music place to see if anyone is giving voice lessons.