One-third of the way through - how are you doing?

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Today marks 30 days into the challenge (more or less, depending on part of the world). So that means to be on track to reach 50, you should have at least 16 or 17 songs. (That doesn't necessarily mean posted, but written.)
I have 20 posted, one more recorded, and two written. That means I'm a little ahead to top last year's total of 67. And just as importantly to me, I made the Century Club yesterday with 100 comments given, so I'm on pace for my usual goal of 300. (I'm always impressed by those who give many, many more comments.)
And, like some of you, I stick around after October 1 and continue to listen and comment.
If I wrote fewer songs (while still hitting 50+) but gave 400 quality comments, I'd consider that a bigger win than topping 67 songs.
Also, I'm happy with what I've written and demo-ed - I haven't really broken any new ground (usual combo of ukulele songs, banjo songs, and guitar songs, and I've tossed in some cool keyboard sounds), but my uke skills are improving and my banjo chops are coming back.
And I feel pretty energetic about making music - at least right now. I've hit a couple mini-blocks already (and went on vacation for a week) and I imagine that will happen again. (That's when I might pick up the mandolin or the cookie-tin slide guitar).
How are you doing?

Not so good. I don't feel motivated at all. Poor me! Wink

3 on the board, with another 5 nearly ready to be posted, but I'm trying to do demos, so it may take a bit. It's hard to find suitable recording time around here. I should hit the Century Club today, which will only be my second or third time doing so!

I'll be very honest, if I create 25 songs with demos in 90 days, but got to spend some time on each and am happy with the progress, that will be a huge win. That means I've gotten faster at writing lyrics and music, then actually putting the 2 together. That's my personal goal. If I do more? Even better!!

There have been some fantastic songs created this year and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know folks here better, be it via forums or the Tuesday night Zoom sessions. Maybe it's because I came in with no expectations, but overall I'm really enjoying the experience.

My first goal was to listen (and comment) more. I have done that, and I also have over 100 comments given. I am not so timid now, I ask questions when I don’t know something. My second goal was to try new techniques, and I have edited a music track ( baby steps, and not well) and I have completed my first collaboration. You may think, no biggie, but I am new to this music stuff, and everything is a biggie for me.I was away for the first week of July, so in 3 weeks I have 11 songs posted. I am very pleased. Everyone has been encouraging, and helpful.

Not aiming for 50 lyrics (and I've written a few that I'm glad about, and a couple are now songs). But, like @corinne54, at the moment, I'm feeling totally unmotivated to write anything. I have dozens upon dozens of random lines and ideas jotted down, but every time I think I might start on something, I get the feeling of 'meh, why bother'. I hope it's a passing phase. Wink

I'm finding the Challenge has been extremely slow to really get off the ground this year. Little wonder, I guess, given the events of the past 18 months.

Keeping pace within my limitations with the number of postings and comments. Most so far have been skirmishes, songwriting games, and collaborations. Half a dozen or so song works in progress. I still have a list of ideas and a shelf full of old notebooks if I need more. So far so good.

20 songs and 97 comments puts me on a decent track. Streakiness is working out so far. I'm fine going a workweek without posting anything as long as I have weekends with a bunch of songwriting. Need more weekend super-skirmishes!

I have 16 done, probably won't continue at the same pace, so I probably won't get to 50.

that being said, does anyone have a good (ie- readable) calendar with 'how many songs we should have by x date' on there? (I saw someone posted something but it was such tiny print I couldn't read it when i printed it)

38 posted. another dozen finished. so ive reached 50

I have several. I might catch up Smile

I just posted song #21, which is my personal best, I think.

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I wanted to hit 100 even before this started, just a nice round number, and I also have no problem just posting any old thing as long as there's at least one aspect of it I like.......... I figure one thing a night and hit up some skirmishes along the way would get me there. On track for that, I think my last one was number 38 or 39.

Well behind. New goal is 20+ songs rather than 50.

Haven't had much "me" time lately. My home studio is slowly progressing, with the ground cleared and levelled off, but I don't think it'll be ready 'til after 50/90 ends... But it's eating a lot of time, because I keep helping the handyman lol.

So... I'm in good enough spirits, but so far behind I'm now aiming for 20.

3 songs lol. Got a lot of ground to cover and odds are I will not make it Smile

I've been writing some well-received poetry. My collab count suggests I might be yet to write a song.

I guess I've done OK but I feel like I'm disappointing everyone in every way.

Feeling pretty crap, tbh. 9 songs with two in the works and two others started and abandoned (for now.) I've almost never had the problem of not being able to finish songs and here I am.

After having whinged here only a few hours ago about not being able to get any words down, I've now just uploaded my third lyric of the day. Funny how the Muse behaves when she gets called out on being a slacker. Wink

I'm at 17 songs, should be 18 after today. So I'm on pace to finish but everything has been taking me much longer than I expect it to. I'm fairly confident I'll get a win this year though.

I'm also working on commenting as much as possible, there is so much good music to listen to.

I decided to sit this year out. I'm listening, commenting occasionally.

I feel like every time I'm here, I want you guys to hear what I am doing. This year, I decided I want to hear what YOU are doing. I don't have as much time as I'd like to put into 50/90, but I am listening and I am loving what I am hearing this year. I feel like the community is really churning out some amazing content this year. A lot of people with a lot of things to say and a lot of mesmerizing hooks.

I'm doing pretty well so far. Lots of songs done and a lot of ideas for future ones. For me, I think the different lockdowns here have helped to give time and focus for songwriting. I'm now at a stage that I reach every year though. I have so many half-completed demos that I am finding it hard to pick one and finish it. I keep saying to myself, 'don't start another new song,' but I usually do Smile

I thought I'd bump this thread because I did a little math this morning, and we're now two-fifths of the way through the challenge. That means if you have 20 songs, you're on track to earn your trophy.
I'm at 24, but I wish I had some ideas for new ones. I'm thinking of going way back into my pre-FAWMing/5090ing archives and seeing what spin-off ideas arise.

This is my first 50/90, and at first, I thought I would just listen this summer. I was out in the woods camping for a week without any technology, but when I came back I got hooked and now I am going to try getting the 50. So I am behind your estimated milestone marker. Still confident.

6 so far, meaning I'm on track for 15... But my goal is 20. *sigh*