The "One More Song Before I Go" challenge

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I was thinking about phone messages, and how when people pass away that can be the last time a loved one hears your voice.

Then I thought, "I can do better than that."

Now, personally, I'm going totally overkill with this with a plan for regular automated delivery of songs to my kids until they're over 100. (I'm calling this #ScheduledDelivery.)

But for the purpose of this challenge, the goal is to make one song marked for delivery to a loved one or family member after you've passed away.

The "my father's improvised folk acapella" thing could have huge sentimental value as my kids grow and age. This is part of the challenge, too. Not to be like me, but to embrace the live style of delivery that they would have associated most closely with you. Basically... you're playing one more song before you go.

The tag is #before-I-go

I love this idea! And I did one a few years ago called "Walk With Me" that I've requested to be played as they push the rowing boat out into the park lake and fire flaming arrows at the pyre constructed of my instruments when I shuffle off this planet. It's high time I did another, just so they can play it when the police arrive to demand to know what the hell they're all doing with matches, petrol, and longbows on council property. Smile

Love the idea. Just might have to do something with this!

See You In The Shadows…

That’s a great idea. Even if I don’t do this during 50/90, I’m going to log in my brain’s to-do list.

Great idea!