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Last night I had great fun using all the toys in my studio to put together a track in an hour while streaming the whole thing live over t'Internet. I used Ableton Live 10, a bunch of hardware and software synths, guitars, and all sorts of other goodies (sadly I didn't have time to dig out the cowbell!)

But I've been given a challenge: what could I come up with if I DIDN'T have all the toys? In fact, what could I come up with if I just had a mic and a copy of Audacity? You can find out later today: 9pm BST, 10pm CET, 1pm Pacific. Hey - it's me doing this, what could possibly go wrong this time? Smile

Tune in here (where you can also watch last night's stream).

Time to record the kitchen utensils!

@A.Eye Absolutely! Who needs drum sticks when you've got a kitchen drawer full of chopsticks?

I've kind of been doing this 'low tech' approach for a while now- use my iPhone to record in music memos (which can add some sometimes-right, sometimes crazy wrong- drums), then import to garageband on my iPhone, to do a little mixing, (possibly, occasionally, add a harmonica or lead gtr track), then email the song to my pc to do a little bit of mastering/eq/compression on my pc. Just got tired of setting up the microphone, preamp, etc- ( i dont really have a dedicated space, and like to record when the inspiration hits...). Course now i have an albums' worth of very low-fi stuff.....i guess for the five people who listen to my stuff, it'll have to do Smile

seriously, tho, yeah, most of the time not getting hung up in recording tech is great, methinks...

After last night's debacle all I can say is that if someone prefers using Audacity to a proper DAW for making music, they have my deepest, most profound sympathies. Despite having rehearsed the session (and got a song - "Back To Basics" - in the process), running Audacity concurrently with my livestream software seemed to make it behave differently and it just would not do what I was expecting it to do. I eventually switched over to an install of Cakewalk which I had no clue how to use, and achieved more in ten minutes with it than I had in the previous fifty. Of course I tried Audacity again immediately after finishing the stream and running on its own, it worked fine again. Go figure.

You can watch me getting progressively more and more disheartened here:

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I wish I'd of caught that live @headfirstonly could of helped ya out a bit Biggrin the start marker for your click track was at the end therefore the recording starting at end of other track Wink .......I had too much empathy for you to finish watching......I'll skip ahead hahaha Biggrin

Preference in my case has very little to do with Wink of course I'd prefer to go about things differently.......I do commend you for sticking with it as long as you did haha

I use mostly the free version of StudioOne just because it was instantly more intuitive for me, and had ASIO driver problems with Audacity as well that were a mess to get sorted out since it was designed for Linux use

I've done both. I've been focusing more on the toys because I want to get better at them this year. Also because my studio gets uncomfortably warm in the summer and when I record live I have to choose between having the sound of a fan overwhelm the recording or dealing with the heat without a fan. Audacity is so touchy on my computer that I rarely ever use it for anything. Sometimes if I need to quickly change pitch on a live recording (haven't figured out how to do that in Logic).

This does remind me that I still have to learn how to make a carrot recorder and compose something on that. I told my students that I would try this summer.

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@katpiercemusic I've made pipes out of fruits and veggies when had to, never dawned on me you could blow with probably equally as iffy results hahaha.......carrot recorder sounds amazing!

Restriction is the mother of invention. Some of the best songs were probably written without any instruments. Ommm!