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Checking in from the great state of Ohio! Originally from the greater Cleveland area, now living outside of Columbus. I'm not sure how active I'll be this year, but I am anticipating being home a lot this summer, so we'll see what happens!

Greetings from Indiana. I hope the year treats you well!

I lived in Cleveland for a year, right up against the Lakewood border. And I lived in Bowling Green, OH for 4. Fond memories!

Michigan, here; I come in peace. Columbus is a very fun town, actually. Cheers!

@yam655 - Thanks for dropping in, and same to you!

@katpiercemusic - Oh, nice! I'm from the east side of the greater Cleveland area, but have had some friends in Lakewood over the years.

[@jeustan] - You're safe, I'm not a football fan. I actually get somewhat annoyed by the proliferation of scarlet and gray 'round these parts!

I am also in Columbus!

@DeannaSweidel Good to to "see" you again, Deanna!

Ditto @cleanshoes

I lived in Ohio 35 years - Cleveland area, Cincinnati area, Ohio State for college, University of Cincinnati for grad school. Move here to southwest Florida 16 years ago from a Cincinnati suburb.
I was returning regularly to visit brother in Cleveland, sister in Cincinnati, and parents north of Cincinnati, but not since Christmas. We text every day and I feel like I'm enjoying an Ohio summer (a relatively quarantined one) vicariously.

I’m genetically Ohioan, both parents and the whole extended were from a farm Town in NW Ohio, around Lima and Defiance. But I never lived there, only visited.