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Fellow Ohioans! There are usually a few of us every year. Who's here this time around?

For those who don't know me, I'm Leah, a folky musician raised in the greater Cleveland area who now calls central Ohio home. I regularly traverse the state for hiking and historical attractions, so tell me what's worth checking out in your neck of the woods. Looking forward to meeting y'all!

I'm not there now, but I miss Ohio. Last time I saw my parents in Butler County (half hour or so north of Cincinnati) and my sister in Cincinnati was December 2019. My brother is east of Cleveland, and I finally got to see him a few months ago when he came down here to Florida.
My wife, daughter, and I moved to Florida from Springdale (Cincinnati suburb) in 2004. Wife and I both went to school at Ohio State and then University of Cincinnati. Even though I've been in southwest Florida for 17 years, if someone asked where I was from I'd still likely say Ohio.
I hope to get back there later this summer or early fall.

Ohioan here, living in Mansfield, but have also lived in Lexington (high school years), Columbus and Pomeroy.

I love the diversity in nature in the state. Views in the northwest of the northwest part of the state (fairly flat farm country) are nothing like the view in the southeast (foothills of Appalachia).

May start wintering further south but can't see ever leaving entirely. Good luck and best wishes to all for a successful 50/90!