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I do not see a "Video" or "Music Video" -ish katagorey... so, "free for alle" itTis...

- You, put what you like here, "new to you", OOHHHHhhhh moment, first time "running the neck" from one pentatonic shape to the next E to e, feel free.

Again, for me, it/this starts with Video and Music, - below as first, if someone else does not get there first Smile

So, for me, for those who'd been following my progress, and I know it's so many Smile ... concerning video, - I had 5 mins (how I engage anything sometimes), and I figured out the 4-up, video split screen.

I gave up last fawm getting any kind of help, or, "try this", knotta werd..., - probably since I was on Linux Mint 18.3 to boot, so, I get it, I do... but I kept at it. I finally went and just went for it with OpenShot (as already commented earlier) and got that stable (still not 100%, but as I allow updates Smile hahhh, to Mint, things get fixed "magically", - not).



I was shocked at just how simple it was and took like 5 mins, OMG, so simple... I'm so impressed with myself I just can't stand it Smile hahhh..., not to many moments like "that", in a while anyway. New stuff, - (well revisited to a new platform), it's a nice, thing.

I'm tempted to update Audacity, now, but, wondered, - is there a chance, since remove the old first, I could wind up with no DAW (or, not Audacity), and deprive all you good people of "me"... - I might risk it Fool

I use video quite a bit, and I run two programs. One is zombieware: ArcSoft's SHowbiz 2, I don't know where it came from or how long I've had it ( I think it was for Windows XP) but it was/is super simple, fast, good quality but restricted to 4:3 screen ratio. I still use it for quick'n'dirty. But my main tool is VSDC. You can get the free version which does a lot: I have found it's worth paying the annual rental for the fully featured. But OH! IT'S DIFFICULT TO LEARN! Because it is wholly professional in its full version and assumes you know the jargon and can make head or tail of all the figures. But if you are seriously getting into video for your music tracks, it's well worth looking at. (!) Lots of tutorials on YouTube,

Has anyone here actually managed to get the free version of DaVinci Resolve to run? I've tried on two different PCs running Win 10 and they both crap out while the splash screen is still on the screen. I suspect it might be getting upset because I have the temerity to have more USB devices plugged in to each than just a mouse and keyboard...

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Resolve probably requires some black magic (tho it does start for me). I'm sticking to Reaper, Vegas Pro and Shotcut.

Definitely team Vegas Pro here. Picked up a copy for silly money in a Humble Bundle deal recently and it's a lot more robust and well-thought-out than Movie Studio Platinum, which shares much of the same code.

@Tim Fatchen thank you, I looked. They don't have a Linux version.

Linux Mint 18.3 "Sylvia", Mate, Cinnamon - is what I am running. I see they're up to 20.1 now, but mine is supported through 2021. Smile I only recently ran the updates for anything other than the "important stuff". That fixed a few things there were "broken", in OpenShot (or my PC) and then went direct to OS and got their direct latest version, that fixed more.

Learning "broken" software, sadly, is not learning the software Smile as that goes. So, "now", I'm see stuff since the right mouse click works Smile the formatting I wanted, - got 4up on a screen, so simple if the menu is there. Part of the issues can be how stuff is launched and to my box will/may look like a security issue, since, it could be, so, -- that's in the weeds, so will stop there.

Your suggestion made me revisit the "kdenlive" editor. We'll see. As some point, when it can do what I want, I'm done, and getting close. To me the old Windows "make video" did plenty, easy and for me, fast enough on my system.

The only other thing I'd like for OpenShot to do is like in other packages I had, you can see on the samples, the Image, "explodes" so to speak, - animation stuff. It makes working with "stills" - "more", useful like sudo-video segments. Like the intro jpegs I used and outro, that's just one image sitting there, moving around like it's animated. (I remember the days on HAD to use a frame by frame, morphed, gif/jpeg, to manually animate stuff Smile ) ... so long ago, well, in Internet Time.

As far as "music" goes... I could take the philosophy that the Music supports itself and if needed a "cool video" to support it, well, then, maybe I need to just write a better song.

So, in that light, and to stop writing now Smile I hope my silly cowboy trails re-writes and by "puppet head" jammed in my t-shirt is, so to speak, entertaining enough as "basic" and "un-cool" as it will be, kinda on purpose. Anyone can play a $3000 Les Paul, but how many can make a $10 broken one sound good. So, a philosophical dilemma.

My concern, so to speak, with the cowboy trails songs is, -- one may NEED the JALomax original song, to "get" ? what was done. Like the Sioux Indian songs the book dropped open to. Wow, I thought, I can't sing that, so to speak, or even rewrite it, as it is. (I'm no "activist", don't get me wrong..., I get the historic record of it, but, I'm no gonna enjoy that if even an audience might? But, I commited to, whereever the book opens, -- solve "that" writing issue - which is a nice self forced stretch (?).

So, you'll see, well maybe, maybe not..., but I think I'll cut a three page song down to one, take the Indians "side" so to speak and get a bit "silly" ? with it. But, that's where the feedback will be most useful. I think I have to supply the original, so, again, one "gets" what I did! (Lot's of work for folks who may not really care on any level Smile ..., only another creative, experimental writer maybe regardless of subject matter.)

So, I'll leave it there.

I remember some of you videos and know they appeared to be illustrative, narrative, relevant to the content framing of the song.

For "fidelity of sound" YT is not the way to launch a demo, not without a backup track... if concerned, or later collaboration and not have to strip out the audio from the video. However, for me, I think, for some reason ? , video is something to now "add" somehow relevant-ly-ly-ish. Not for no reason, but somehow adding to the song.

I think, to some degree I've discussed this with [dzd] whom as well wants to use visual with relevant audio (his theme?)... interesting images do spawn music which spawn new other... etc., so relevant in that regard, if makes sense. Smile and if not. Oh well Smile

-- Thank you again!

Team Vegas Pro. I'm toying with the idea of doing a music video for one or more of my songs this summer. (@cleanshoes inspired me last 50/90 with her live-from-the-bookroom vids)

Filmora Wondershare and Mixcraft recording studio, and streamlabs OBS for live broadcasts.

I use VSDC, but then I worked as the Commercial Producer at our local TV station for years, so professional video editors are sort of old hat for me (we used Final Cut Pro at CJBN - the only time I've ever used a Mac. Loved the program, hated the interface, but then I'm a Windows guy going back to version 3.0 (yeah, even before 3.1)). Wish I could find something freeware or open source that is similar in use/interface as Final Cut Pro's Motion (VSDC does OK with Motion Graphics), but no dice. I've used SynFig with some degree of success, but still miss Motion. Oh well, I'll keep looking I guess Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

vegas movie studio 17 platinum - just upgraded from 15. i have used it in its various incarnations for years, i love it and it does all i need and more. definitely bang for buck with this!

So, this popped up and was an 'oh...' moment:

But, it really just reminds me of my Guild T-Bird... hmmm, which came first and whom copied whom, - probably some poor guy in his garage whom never got paid Smile whomever that may bee.

But, - the fender has a better tremolo, ?, I suppose, so, there's that Smile I don't know, that single push spring is it? - Really bad idea versus their classic (now classic) trem bar, can't beat perfection (e.g. any strat fully screwed down not two pt pivoted).

(Hey, every think a Squier'd go for $500 plus... and no Case, OMG, no case... so cheap those Arizona Con-glomerate folks!)

I'm looking at vegas pro and seeing it for 299... anyone got sweeter deals?