From Odilon Green: "Matt & Melvin: Awesome Basketball Rivalry, OK?"

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In the run-up to 50/90, I just released in mid-June 2020 a goofy 8-song, 17-minute EP telling the story of a one-on-one basketball match between two of my friends (Matt Farley of Motern Media fame and Melvin from Belgium) a few years ago that ended up being one of the most thrilling sports matches I've ever seen. It's called Matt & Melvin: Awesome Basketball Rivalry, OK?, and it includes contributions from seven(!) of my friends (including Matt and Melvin), primarily on vocals. Also, every track features me on electric ukulele, which I just picked up right before last year's 50/90! I'm quite pleased with how it came out. You can listen on Bandcamp or Spotify or Apple Music or Amazon or any of the normal streaming or download sites.

Holy Smokes! I wrote a tragic opera based on that same game. I look forward to your take on that epic spectacle

I very much want to hear that opera! Wink