Not How I’d Planned to Start 50/90

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Well, #[email protected]$!#.

As the first full day of 50/90 draws to a close, I’’m spending a second night in the hospital for possible heart problems. They’ve ruled out a heart attack but want to do further testing on some other issues. Needless to say, this is not what I had in mind for opening weekend.

I look forward to joining you all on the playground as soon as I can.

UPDATE: After four nights in the hospital and a barrage of tests, I received a clean bill of heart health; Thank you all for your warm thoughts and good wishes!

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@Scubed That's awful!
Playing is all well and good, but important thing to be healthy and confident in your gear. Body gear!
Hope everything goes well. Smile

Oh no! So very sorry! How scary! I hope you recover quickly and are feeling better soon. Sending heartfelt prayers and thoughts.

Get well soon @Scubed!

As @metalfoot said, feel better soon!

So sorry to hear - hope you’re well soon. Looking forward to hearing your music.

Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Get a whole lot better real quick now. We want to hear you!

Aww jeez Sad well I'm thinking all kinds of good thoughts for you and I'm confident you'll be back to the regularly-scheduled music making sooner than later <3

get well soon, hope that heart has a good 4/4 rhythm and isn't getting all "prog-rock alt time signature" on you!

@Scubed hey take it easy and get well soon!

get well soon - take it easy.

Light and love across the airwaves to you Scubed!!

Oh my goodness, Sharon... I truly hope everything will be fine.

Get lots of rest now. Later, you can write the story in songs. Smile

take care Smile

Gee whiz! Feel better

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Well %*&# indeed!

Timing eh Smile .......get to feeling better, at least this playgrounds open for a while, if the physical ones aren't Wink

Here's to a quick recovery and a fast return.

So sorry to hear that, Sharon. Wishing you some reassuring answers and all the rest you need so you can come back and play!

Sending beams your way. I hope whatever the cause is can be dealt with. Scary stuff.

Please take care of yourself. I'm glad they ruled out heart attack, but the not knowing sucks.

Damn, I was going to complain about the little glass cut I got slowing down my start. Hope you are 110% better very soon!!! May it be entirely minor and easily addressed!!!

That sounds awful. I sincerely hope their tests find nothing and you can resume your life as normal.

@scubed I am sorry to hear that. Hope you are on the mend soon! Take care of yourself.

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THAT definitely puts a black eye in the game. Hold steady, my friend. We're all pulling for ya and looking forward to having you back in the music sandbox. Be well.

Get well soon. Looking forward to hearing your songs when you get back home.

Woo-hoo! Test results are good! I should be out of hospital and back at home sometime this evening. Thank you all for your good wishes!!

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@Scubed Hooray!

Congratulations! Smile