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In tonight's Fifty/Ninety Show on my Twitch channel ( ) we were talking about rhythmic structure in lyrics and poetry, and I mentioned the nonet, which is a poem that consists of nine lines. There are:
9 syllables in the first line
8 in the second
7 in the third
6 in the fourth
5 in the fifth
4 in the sixth
3 in the seventh
2 in the eighth
and just one in the ninth.

@wobbie wobbit and the gang reckoned that writing a song in nonet form would make a cracking challenge, and I totally agree with them, so here it is. Go!

Please tag your songs #nonet

cool Smile

Perfect timing. I was struck with an idea for a song yesterday, but didn't know how to approach the structure. Collaborators welcome, as always.




Used this challenge to remove the unwanted placeholder track from my soundboard. Based on the speculation around today's Venus announcement. Lyrics only for now - music will follow.

nice challenge HFO - here is mine. *45400

What a cracking idea for a challenge!

I also did one. *45388

That was interesting! Here's my nonet critique of Facebook and the rest of the tech criminals.

This was too good a challenge to miss.

Here's mine: *45425

For anyone interested, mine now has music. ( *45281 )

and now for something completely different *45492

I'll try to come back to this with something more deep and meaningful, but here's a bit of quick daftness in the meantime.

Fashionably late to the party, but I just had to join in on the fun!

Only just found this (life has been full of...) here's mine.