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By now, we usually have a thread - maybe I missed it.
I began playing ukulele in 2017, after Hurricane Irma. A friend whose house was severely damaged moved in with us, and brought her uke with her.
Now I have three of my own - all tenor. My daughter will take one of them when she returns to college in a few weeks. Two are wood-colored, one is actually wood (or mostly), and one is sky-blue.
So far this 50/90, nine of my 17 songs have ukulele in them. Lately, it's been a main songwriting instrument, maybe even a bit more so than my usual guitar.
I know there are quite a few of you uke-ers out there!

Uke joke:
"Is that tenor?"
"Well, ten or twelve."

Another 'ukulele player here. Have a Concert Fluke, Ohana Tenor, Kala Tenor, custom-made Beckwith Strings baritone, and an old Domingo's banjo ukulele. Tend to go with the tenor but doing more with the baritone. Have a Baby Taylor guitar but tend not to use it.

Thanks for this @Chip Withrow I had forgotten to look for a ukulele thread. Remember everyone to tag your ukulele songs with 'ukulele' or something related. Also remember that we have a long established tag of FUC (Fawm Ukulele Club) set up. by @Tim Fatchen a source of much music and many puns! I have posted two ukulele pieces so far with more to come.

I started teaching myself ukulele two years ago, and have been having tremendous fun with it. I just put out an EP before 50/90 of (very primitive) acoustic ukulele songs, and the majority of my songs this 50/90 so far have prominently included electric ukulele through an amp sim (for that rockin' sound). So yeah, I'm pretty much a uke-head, at least for the moment. Biggrin

Ukulele fan here.
I have many.
This summer I seem to be attracted to my solid-body electric one.
People have asked me why I don't play guitar instead.
I say that the guitar has six strings, while the uke only has four, and I know my limits.

"People have asked me why I don't play guitar instead.
I say that the guitar has six strings, while the uke only has four, and I know my limits."

I don't know if @Fuzzy is joking with this comment, but it truly and literally is my exact reason for picking up the ukulele. I wanted to add live "guitar," and especially electric guitar, to my tracks, rather than relying solely on guitar-sample or -emulation plugins, but knew I lacked the time or willpower to learn something with six whole strings. But once I discovered that solid-body electric ukes exist, I dove right in. I now have three tenor ukuleles: acoustic, electric solid-body nylon string, and electric solid-body steel string, and I really enjoy all three! (I also have a really, really cheap acoustic concert that was the first I bought just to see if I would enjoy it at all, but that I don't play at all any more.)

I'm thinking about maybe adding a baritone too one day...

Nope, not joking, @OdilonGreen! Smile

I still have a Luna Malo concert uke that sometimes finds its way into a song. So far one.

Thanks for the responses!
I just went to the Musician's Friend website to price baritone ukuleles. Also took a look at electric basses. I may get the bass first.

Ive been enjoying my uke lately. Usually I’m a guitar girl, but the uke is so convenient and kinda helps get me out of the broken record loop of goto guitar chords.

Love my ukes. I have a Kala concert and tenor and a Lanikai soprano. I started because they were cheap and I could get a classroom set for my students, but I think I play and write on it more than any other instrument at this point.

Yup i have a cupboard full. I teach it so i always have a few. I use it for writing when i travel. I think they have already appeared in at least 2 songs like

Yeah, def easier to tune and comfy for travel. Less strings. But I stick to me mando!

Absolutely went to ukulele for the four strings instead of six. I took guitar lessons but it never stuck, whereas I now have 5 ukuleles. That, and I don't do anything that everyone else does (i.e. play guitar). I'm too much of a non-conformist.

and.... here is what happens when you try to play the blues on a uke!

My Fluke-Flea Soprano Ukulele is my go-to instrument for song writing and traveling. I love the flat bottom so no stand is required. I also have a Waterman Soprano Ukulele for more "dangerous" moments - like for grandchildren's visits. A tenor, baritone, and banjolele round out my ukulele collection so far. I dream of we all do. I'm definitely a Ukulele Lady! My first uke was in 2012. I wrote a song before I knew any chords and it remains one of my favorites.