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Hi all, Mike Skliar here, long time NYC resident. IN past years, I've hosted some in-person NYC gatherings of FAWM and 50/90 folks, --this year, for obvious reasons, thats not happening (at least not here and indoors!). Hope everyone's well in this strange time, and give a shout out if you're in NYC or in the surrounding area!

we can all commiserate about what's the same and what's changed about nyc, or all remember our favorite restaurants which we hope will survive and go back to safe in person dining sometime (Veselka in the east village, Cafe de Soleil and Awash and Thai Market on the upper west side, Junior's in Brooklyn, Tavernia Kavlokos in Astoria, Queens (and in the east village too), etc.... but i digress... anyway, say hi!

did alot of songwriting in feb and in march-thru-may as well, (check my page for bandcamp links if you're curious) -not sure how much I'll do this 50/90, but.. I say that every 50/90!


Hi, Mike. I just want to get back into NYC. I want to see a show. I want to people watch in Bryant Park or UnionSq, or Washington Sq. I want to see St John’s. I want to go to Tea and Sympathy, or anywhere in Chinatown. I want to go to a museum.

But I’ll stay here in Westchester. Those idiots that all were partying in Rockland County. That’s where I teach. Those specific towns. So fat chance I’ll be teaching in school in Sept. I’m getting really friendly with the swampy nature preserves that no one else uses this time of year.

I hear you katpiercemusic ! .... here in the uws of manhattan, I've gotten to know every little trail in Riverside Park....

I've been relegated to only being able to go to the Shirley Chisholm State Park in Brooklyn, which is enjoyable, but not nearly as nice as Prospect Park. And I miss going into Manhattan to museums! And eating out! Drat! I'm don't feel quite confident enough to make a foray onto the buses or subway, though I'll have to since a few of the Brooklyn libraries are opening and I have a ton of books in my apartment since they closed in March!

hang in there corinne54 and nice to see ya back here!

Everyone okay after the storm? For it being just a tropical storm, it sure managed a lot of damage up in Westchester.

doin Ok here in the upper west side. a number of trees and branches down, but we didn't lose power. im sure in places with alot of overhead power lines, power was more of a problem.

I'm in NJ and didn't lose power for more than a few minutes, but know a lot of people who still don't have power. And a lot of trees that haven't even been picked up. Crazy storm. We can only hope it's not going to be indicative of the entire season, as it was unfortunately quite an early storm :/