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Hey people, today my band JaaRi released a new video.

I'm a little proud of this one. I'm especially glad with how good recording and mix came out given that we did everything by ourselves and did not go to a recording studio this time. I also think the video is pretty nice with lots of Berlin flavor.
I'd be thrilled if you gave it a listen.

And since you're at it, here's our FB page

I don't speak the language, but it's a rockin' track (and gets heavy in that middle bit!), sounds terrific, and the video is lots of fun and looks great too!

I like this tune a lot. Cool beat and rhythmic shift!

I'm not sure what you're singing about, but I enjoyed the music and the video. Love all the changes. Pretty great.

Wow, love it! Such an intense groove that seems to me to portray the angst and frustration at our current situation with live venues and other places having to be closed. Thanks for sharing.


(forgive me if my words in this post arent carefully considerate of other cultures, I try my best to express myself in the nicest way I can think of within my education and background) Nice work! I am a fan of overseas music - it has a mysticism about it, with my native language being English I like to hear the way the words are inflicted through emotions and such. I have been through Japanese and Norwegian music phases in the past. I like how individual your band sounds. There is lots of music still to be uncovered by the Western world that still hasn't worked its way into mainstream yet, and one day also rock will be back to the masses here in the UK. I'm hearing Nu Metal is coming back in a sorta.way and I'm keen to see where that goes. In the meantime I will enjoy this awesome song and take inspiration from it for the weeks ahead. Maybe I will pick up an electric guitar again for my rebellious return...? Biggrin I say watch this space! Keep on making sweet music, lots of luck for the challenge ahead!

Head exploding good time. I thought in the end she would finally make it to the club. Makes me want to visit Berlin. But alas I am banned!

Wow, thanks for your kind feedback, @OdilonGreen, @fresh-spotless-youth, @RalphCarl, @tjeff, @TomS, @nerdjealous, @JamKar
That makes us happy.

Ach, you berlin'er's, just tso intense! Jah... so gut!

- But no one's dancing or kopf schlagen! Warum?