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This is my first 50/90 challenge after my first FAWM this year, and I've been in a songwriting dry spell since February so I'm pumped! Though a little unsure of myself if I can really do it.

But anyway, just wanted to shout out to everyone else from New Jersey and maybe make some new friends.

Neighboring New York City here! Welcome to 50/90!

Thanks! I remember your username. Was there ever a NYC meetup this year? Maybe by the time this challenge is over we can actually have one...

thanks @Amanda Rose Riley We actually never had an in-person fawm NYC meetup this year- wanted to do something, but it didn't happen in Feb, and the handwriting was on the wall by the end of the first week of March anyway..... I think it's gonna be a while before a lot of in-person gatherings happen, guessing not during this 50/90- -hope by the 2021 one!

Westchester county and I work in Rockland on the border. Don’t worry about making 50. I aimed at 10 my first year. It’s just lovely supportive community.

@katpiercemusic Good to know... I know I can get close to 50 and will challenge myself to hit it, just don't know if I will. No pressure. If I can get 10 songs out of it that I'm happy with, I'll be thrilled!