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First off! Welcome to 50/90 - the marathon of songwriting.

There are lots of good resources on how the challenge and the site works in the FAQ Page:

If you have helpful advice for folks, please add it here!

If you like to use emoji's, phone/Slack/etc. emojis often don't work in this site and some text codes cause a syntax error. The 'Compose Tips' page has the text codes for all sorts of fun emojis

I want to understand.. just copy from the list and the emoji appears?

Another tip. To 'tag' someone in this forum type [@username]. The brackets do not show and it turns in to a link when the tagged name matches a registered 50/90 username. Example

@Vegansongs I use the mac os so sometimes I have to try more than one of the text codes. The emojis are fun though Good

A few tips I've learned that will save you pain and prevent gnashing of teeth:

You may not see a warning before you exceed the character count for a forum post. So - BEFORE you hit post, select all of it and CTRL-C (or copy) that masterpiece. If it gets truncated, you can go back and split it into two posts from the copy that you just saved to your clipboard.

The site is likely to truncate long URLs if you post a link to another site. Although the URL doesn't appear in full, it will still work...

...right up to the point when you go back and edit your post, at which point it will be saved in its truncated form and the link will become broken. Pasting in the full link again before you post will fix things and set the post back to a truncated, but working link.

Including a #name hashtag at the end of a URL (such as is used for topic headings on a Wikipedia page, for example) does seriously weird things to your post. And the URL won't work properly, if at all. Keep URLs to page references only and you'll be fine.

If someone leaves a comment on one of your songs, the convention here if you want to reply or say thanks is NOT to add a post below the original comment, because that will only be seen if the commenter comes back to your song. Instead, leave your response on the commenter's profile page in the message area below their music (it's called their "soundboard".) That way you can be sure that they will see your message.

And the answer to the biggest question, "why aren't people commenting on my stuff?" is extremely simple: comment on other people's stuff! Say hi on soundboards. Post in the forums. Join in and get yourself known!

Now I know why my @ tagging isn't working LOL. Thanks!

See You In The Shadows…

I would also recommend using the watch list so you can keep up with people you really want to follow. If you get stuck on writing something there is some good stuff in tools as well!

@Candle - Yeah, that tagging thing trips up quite a few folks!
What I'm going to add here is a suggestion that often becomes its own thread - don't trash your own songs in your liner notes.
No apologies, no excuses - share your song with confidence! (Some mild self-deprecation is OK for some, I guess.)