New Flying Tadpole album "Light Duties"

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"An eclectic mix of blues and music hall, seriousness and idiocy will challenge any who listen. or at least, entertain, with tales, thoughts and suggestions at right angles to normality."

See? Truth in advertising!

The album brings together the 5090 output of collaborations I've done with Andrew Male (@otagoseaburial). Most of the words are his, from his hermit-like existence at Wallaroo (don't ask), the music is mine, but inevitably Flying Tadpole usurps the performance.

Tracks are name-your-price free to gazillions of dollars if you happen to be a billionaire. No? One can always hope. But pennies are always welcome. An alternative is $1 a month on because the Patreon support really, really helps keeping my music going!

Tim & Flying Tadpole

I wish I had gazillions of dollars for you Mr Fatchen... but me and the cats scraped around down the back of the sofa and bought a download from you. Smile

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Me too on wishing for the gazillions of dollars for you! I will give it all a listen though in the next week or so, and you have my undying appreciation for sharing your gifts! now if you can find a way to turn that into something sustainable to eat and survive on let me know Biggrin

Ah @Dragondreams, it's a long time since we both failed to make money from and then ! Thank you for the buy, and I'll share the pennies with the equally gazillionless @otagoseaburial At least we live in the same state and we're not locked down.

@dzd sorry, had my shot at fame with the opera and had to pull that.! It's the old joke of how to make a small fortune with music (start with a large one) :/

So, how's this a do'in? Mr. Oi from Ozidland!?

(Loved your neo-classic noodleings... "circlings" Smile ...)