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So this 50/90, i ended up writing and recording about 35 songs...some years I've done more (and several years i made it to 50) and some less, but all things considering, i ended up with some new songs I like.

As I've done in the past (with both 5090 and fawm) I'm taking the 'best' of them, probably about 12-15 songs, and doing a tiny bit of polishing them up, and figuring out a title for the project, a running order, etc. and putting up on Bandcamp, for free (or whatever you want to donate should you want to, but please, don't feel obligated at all, would rather have the music out there...). No surprise that with all going on, this album will be fairly topical/political, so all the more reason to get it together this week or so, with the upcoming election etc.

I suspect I'll post it later this week. Should anyone be intereted but not necessarily checking back here, feel free to shoot me a message or private message or whatever, and let me know you might be interested. Thanks all!


and it's out...

the year of 'can't even'

just giving it a bump if anyone didn't see.. and just added lyrics to the page for all 16 songs. As I may have mentioned, its a free download! Smile

I listened through most of it this morning. Some pretty cool musical moments in it for sure. Some fine harmonica for one.

thanks @tcelliott !

Just downloaded and listening now, of course I heard a few of them here. Good stuff @mike skliar !

thanks!!! @AndyGetch