"Naughty" sax player?

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Maybe not a full collaboration, but I've just put something together with a bit of a funky 80's vibe that is about a little amorous congress. It screams for some sax work. I hacked a bit of MIDI sax to pull the song together, but it's a 3 out of 10 at best and thought I would post here before wrapping up the demo.

There's room for an 8-bar solo, and plenty of space to riff on the main melody. I know some brass is tuned to a key, not sure if that's the case with a Sax, but the song is in C (...or whatever the sexiest mode of C is) which I assume isn't a problem but I could likely transpose everything if necessary. 4/4, no tempo shifts.

Let me know if you are interested.

Does anybody here even play sax?
I could use one too, in a Captain Beefheart sorta way.
Let us know how it goes, @Spazsquatch! Smile

A song search reveals that @Melody has a song with saxophone on it. Also If I recollect correctly perhaps @izaak might.

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I do remember someone playing sax as a main instrument some years back on fawm. For the life of me I don't remember who now, or if they even do 50/90 as well. So there's some absolutely no help at all from me Biggrin

I am no help here, either...but I wanna hear what this sounds like when its done. Sounds like my kind of listening.
Curious - what DAW do you use? If by chance its Reason, there is a GREAT series of patch packs for 80s music called "88MPH"; volume 1 of that series specifically has an awesome 80s sax that you might get more mileage out of using midi if you can't find a live sax player.
And honestly, I have no clue if these packs can be used outside of Reason.

@splittybooms it's posted as is over at http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/47265. I was heading down a production rabbit hole and knew I was going to get into trouble if I didn't pull out. I use Logic btw.

@AndyGetch Good call, I didn't think about doing a song search. I just went ahead and posted it as is but I might do some follow up with those two when I've got a few songs under my belt.

@Spazsquatch happy to help. As you are probably seeing by now, it is very common in 50/90, and for most of us the only hope to get to 50 is, to post a rough demo, song sketch, song in-progress, etc. and move on. Side note: I belong to a music organization with a listening room. My wife and I have hosted a few of the musicians who have played there. One was a saxophone player (from a trio) and he talked about highly skilled saxophone players being somewhat of a dying breed.

That's a shame, but maybe its just the universe finding a balance. The world could use more Coltrane but did it really need Kenny G?