My Brain Hurts and My Well Is Dry

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Even though I am an advocate for writing all year 'round to keep the songwriting mechanisms in good working order, after doing 100 songs in 180 days (total of 109 solo songs) the last 90 days of which included this 50/90 (add about 20 more 50/90 collaborations of sorts) I feel like I need an extended break. Maybe as long as until November. I did take several breaks of a few days and several week or longer health breaks during these 180 days. Even with that I feel creatively exhausted like my creative well is bone dry. This years writing periods seem to have had less inspiration and more slogging than in past years. Maybe part of that is the weight of all of the changes in my personal life, as well as external events we all are dealing with? I know that this too shall pass and still hope to participate in National Solo Album Month (starts November 1), FAWM in February, and 50/90 again next summer. Does anybody else feel this way?

Yeah, sorta.
By this time I usually feel like I'm just getting started with songwriting, but this year I burned out mid-September with the writing and commenting.
I'm not sure why this is.
I'm still doing Rocktober, though, cos playing someone else's tunes is easier than writing my own.
No wonder your well is dry, Mr. G; the quality and volume of your output this summer has been astounding.

It's like pizza and sex..., yeah, you get to the point, you've had it Wink then, eh... about 3 days later or so you see this sexy round pie, steaming hot with extra cheese, and it's your favorite thing again. Fool

Thanks @Fuzzy I do feel like I had more keepers than usual and the collaborations, including the two with you, were a lot of fun. Guilty as charged @ustaknow, if an enticing pizza pie of a song idea comes along I will definitely indulge.

Been "burnt out" a bit for the last half of 50/90. At least for songwriting and production. That being said, I've been making videos etc., for songs and remastering the album from January 2018 so it can go live on spotify etc.,

So I guess, burnt out a little bit on songwriting but still very much active on the creative front.

edit to add: I just counted and I've written 176 songs so far this year. I wonder what my record is. Probably back in 2018. I'll have to compare.

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I may do the November album thing, it's one I've never done, as I think it may help actually me focus into a concerted effort with an ultimate goal in mind, not just seeing what I can crap out in that moment in time....... more like what I wanted to do with 50/90 this year, but oh well........the best laid plans and all that Biggrin

If I'm burnt out on anything though It's mostly just listening to anything of mine. Wanted to actually do a couple pretty largish produced pieces for Rocktober, but the desire to listen kind of helps in that regard Biggrin Might still get there, but yeah I think a nice at least week or two break will be very welcome soon.

I like the national solo album writing month thing, but honestly I'd rather it be a recording challenge than a writing challenge at this point. I need to record more and write just a little less, I think. If someone can figure out how to only write the good ones and skip all the filler I'd be grateful if they'd share the secret.

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@tcelliott I think that's how I'm going to treat NaAlwhateveMo I've been needing to edit down and do at least one group of recordings that goes together cohesively and can keep under an hour for a while now Biggrin , and yeah that would be a secret worth knowing, I agree.

@dzd I started another topic for NaSoAlMo and NaNoWriMo with some info and for anyone interested in discussing. @tcelliott My burnt-out-ness is still hanging on too. I have done a couple of Facebook one-week recording challenges where quality of production was given a lot of weight, and we each voted for a 'winner', but it was not where I was at the time. I might be wrong but I kinda got a vibe when I did GYAWS several years ago that it had a fair bit of focus on quality of production.