Music Related Art Instead of Songs

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For some reason I just haven't had the mojo to make music lately. I have however been busy making musician, songwriter, rock n roll art. Setup a Redbubble shop for that.

Hope to find some motivation for actual music too before the end of September. Feels funny not writing music.

Very resonant stuff @Valerie Cox I'm definitely going shopping, SA and Cheaper Than Therapy both speak to me Smile . I'm in the reverse situation as I have had lots of music making bursts during my stay-at-home. However, I have not painted (or even felt like it) since April. I know you will find music motivation again, like for instance a lot of your designs would make great song titles Music 2

made art some earlier this year and sketch regularly now after not almost since childhood, .. now to take september as seriously as feb

That's so cool, Val!