Music from 2020 - What's caught your attention?

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So with 50/90 imminent, it's time to get some inspiration from the recent albums that people have been listening to.

Here's a few that I've picked up on so far this year ...

Bombay Bicycle Club - 'Everything Else has Gone Wrong'
Four Tet - '16 Oceans'
Roger and Brian Eno - 'Mixing Colours' - wonderfully chilled out album
The Orielles - 'Disco Volador'
Laura Marling - 'Song For Our Daughter' - such a good songwriter
Perfume Genius - 'Set My Heart on Fire Immediately' - give the track 'Jason' a listen
Sparks - 'A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip' - still as quirky and fun as ever
Sorry - '925'

What's caught your ear in 2020?

Lennon Stella - Summer Feelings (w/Charlie Puth)
Lady Gaga - Alice
iLL.Gates - Trapezoid
5 Seconds of Summer - Old Me
The Wrecks - Out of Style
Mark Mendy & Conan Mac - Carbon (I did a song with Conan Mac too called "Ghost to You" but it's tacky to say YOUR song caught YOUR ear lol)
Jelani Aryeh - Stella Brown

Rina Sawayama's "Sawayama" has been the best album I've heard this year so far. It's really an excellent record! Every song fits nicely and it has elements from 2000's Pop to modern sounds along with a great J-Pop/Utada Hikaru influence on the best songs "Tokyo Love Hotel" and "Paradisin'". I really like it and I ordered the record which sits nicely in my collection. It's an album to go to when the mood is right.

Haru Nemuri's newest EP "LOVETHEISM" was pretty awesome and had many exciting tracks.

Everything else I've heard hasn't quite caught, there have been good albums but not ones that have become part of my normal listening. The highlights of what I've listened to would be...

Fiona Apple : Fetch The Bolt Cutters
Charli XCX : How I'm Feeling Now
You'll Melt More! : Surpriser
Anly : Sweet Cruisin'
Thundercat : It Is What It Is
Hayley Williams : Pedals For Armor
tricot : Makkuro
Dua Lipa : Future Nostalgia (But only for "Cool" and "Physical", the rest of the album is either decent or junk)

[@NuJ4x] - Other than Lady Gaga those are all new artist to me - will have to see if any appeal.

@Kurtis Kanttila - You've certainly done a sales job on 'Sawayama'. Will give that a listen. Didn't realise Fiona Apple had a new album. Thundercat's a good one.

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I actually have a playlist...

But as a summary...
TOKYO ROSE - Out of Luck
Kip Moore - Wild World
SURGE - Mad City
Jeremy Zucker - love is not dying
AWOLNATION - Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders
Joe Satriani - Shapeshifting
Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall - Hold Your Fire
Dynazty - The Dark Delight

@atitlan - Definitely! I dig those jams a bunch and you might too!

Haven't been that good at checking out new music lately but these albums have been given some spins

Phoebe Bridger - Punisher
Aksak Maboul - Figurines
Sparks - A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip
Little Hands of Asphalt - Half Empty

(@Mt.Melodie) i have heard good things about Phoebe Bridger must get onto iy as well as Rina Sawayama. nothing to offer mainstream been listening full time to originals by the unknown community. gonna listen to Dylans new one today!

I have a weird problem: I rarely listen to music in the age of Spotify because I feel paralyzed by choice and don't know what to play. When I do find something, that's all I listen to for a while. Lately it's been Phoebe Bridgers. Kyoto is the feel-good indie hit of the summer. I bet I've listened to it 200 times in the last month

@fresh spotless youth - I tend to listen to BBC 6 Music reasonably often; between that and the weekly Spotify Discover playlist, I manage to pick up a few new albums as they get released. In general, though, I look at the new releases and a lot of the time don't know which might be interesting. I doesn't help that most people around me just aren't into music the way they used to be so I don't get many word-of-mouth recommendations. Everyone seems to have abandoned music in favour of boxset binging.

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@fresh spotless youth @atitlan You're not missing much. ROFL

I check out 100-200 new releases every week, because it's just something that interests me. About 10 in every 100 releases is something pretty decent and out of those 10, maybe 1-2 are really good. The rest 90% is not for me. And I realize, it might be for somebody, but I've yet to meet a person who actually listens to everything. It's a lot of waste of time with few spots of brilliance hidden in between.

Larkin Poe-- Self Made Man
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit-- Reunions
Lucinda Williams-- Good Souls Better Angels
The Meters-- Gettin' Funkier All the Time: The Complete Josie/Reprise & Warner Brothers Recordings 1968-1977

i know the last one is a reissue, but it is quite the box set!

i have yet to hear, though i have pre-ordered,
Fiona Apple-- Fetch the Bolt Cutters.
i imagine i'll like it quite a bit.

@coolparadiso - I checked out the new Bob Dylan album on Apple music the other day. I had already heard three of the songs - the rest is great, too. But I'm also speaking as a ridiculously devoted Dylan fan.
@fresh spotless youth - I'm with you. Decision fatigue! I will often go to Apple music and just stare at the search space, wondering what to look for. Then, I default to Grateful Dead. But this morning I did know for sure I wanted to listen to Old 97s because I had just read an interview with Rhett Miller. They have a cool new song and an album coming later this summer.

Actually I did shockingly litte listening to new music which points towards me getting ooooold.
But I discovered Igorrr and bought "Savage Sinusoid" and their newest record "Spirituality and Distortion". And how could I listen to anything else after THAT madness? Igorrr is pure and utter genius.
I also bought a wonderful record from a band called Porridge Radio which speaks to my 90s indie heart.

Sara Bareilles- amidst the chaos
Excited about upcoming Dixie Chicks
Jonatha Brooke
James Taylor’s American Standard
Hugely disappointed w Jason mraz cd but usually I love him

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@KerrBear yeah mraz decided to start doing reggae Biggrin not the best move

Just want to put in a quick word for a new release this week that grabbed my attention - 'Ex Machina' by Metrik. Electronic dance that puts me in mind of Digitalism (on the more instrumental tracks) and Justice (on the more vocally driven tracks).

I loved Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters
Alexandra Saviour - The Archer
Meredith Monk - Memory Game

Exited also for the upcoming Tigran Hamasyan (in August I think...)

Aside from the new Dylan album, I have been enjoying the podcasts from coolparadiso, and have been struggling through a collection of 1000 rock videos from the 1970s. I have also been keeping up with the lockdown home concerts from Paula Maya and Lisa Marshall in Austin, and am enthusuastic about Gary Minklers new single. Also checking out a lot of obscure psychedelic music and doo wop that i missed out on the first time around. as for new maunsream musicm i listened to the top 100 huts so far from 2020 and they all sounded the same and had nothing to say to me.

The one album that caught my attention this year and I keep going back to is Neon West by Wayfloe.

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Oh my god! I forgot Dizzy Mizz Lizzy's Alter Echo!
What a brilliant album. They almost seem to get even better with every new release. Biggrin

I see some interesting releases here that I need to check out.

Lady Gaga has already been mentioned and I found Sine from Above and Stupid Love to be the most interesting songs on her new Chromatica album.

Trivium - What The Dead Men Say
Grouplove - Healer
Jack River - Stranger Heart