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What has happened to the Tools page?

@Eric Distad, will it be reinstated?

Uh-oh - In addition to what Donna said.

I can't get into the songs section from the main page. Kind of like the last issue of not being able to access the lyric only area except it's now "songs" The end result is not a 503 screen. It ends with the screen being white and completely blank.
Anyone else having difficulty?

Let me sound the alarm.

@Donna Devine and @Sunfire — "the muse" should be back.

We did a web host migration for FAWM.ORG, and i forgot to re-setup the muse. but it's back online now!

@Sunfire — i have no idea what's happened to the songlist page, though... that's @Eric Distad's department for 50/90!