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The morph game is a type of songwriting chain for preferably half a dozen or so writers. Personally it is one of my favorites and I have gotten a few keepers out of this particular game. The first songwriter offers a seed song, which can be any of their songs written and posted in 50/90. Prior to writing their song, each succeeding songwriter only listens to the preceeding song in the chain and changes approximately 50 percent of the song. 50 percent is somewhat arbitrary. Simply explained it could be writing a whole new set of lyrics to the music. It also could be using the same lyrics and completely changing the music. My favorite approach is to change some of the words and some of the music. It is helpful for each songwriter to relay the musical information (key, tempo, time signature, lyrics, chords, etc.) to the following songwriter by a soundboard message. Also optional to include the preceeding songwriter as a collaborator. Ideally the seed songwriter return later in the chain or participates in another chain. It would be helpful if each songwriter when it is their turn posted their song progress every few days. Position in the chain will be adjusted as needed. Of course, after writing their song it is encouraged for each songwriter to listen to all of the songs in their morph. Participation in multiple morphs is welcome. I will keep adding people to existing morphs as long as there is interest and new morphs as needed until the last week of August (to allow a reasonable time period for completion).

Here is a video posted a few years ago by long time FAWM/5090'er @plainwhitetoast that explains the process.

Morph positions and progress will be posted immediately below. Who would like to play?

Morph 1
Songwriter > status/song link
1. @AndyGetch > *41521
2. @JamKar > *41663
3. @Scubed > *41953
4. @Zeekle > *42194
5. @see-man-ski > *42388
6. @Mt.Mélodie > in progress
7. @AndyGetch

Morph 2
1. seed song @wacha > *41484
2. @spirulence > *41825
3. @kahlo2013 > *42455
4. @lowhum > *42881
5. @mikehex > *43047
6. @Vom Vorton > *43313
7. @wacha > *43355

Morph 3
1. seed song @spirulence > *42544
2. @Powerstars > *42939
3. @kahlo2013 > *43256
4. @bunter > *43668
5. @lowhum > *43780
6. @Vom Vorton > *44035
7. @spirulence > *44251

Morph 4
1. seed song @mikehex > *43104
2. @wacha > *43835
3. @kahlo2013 > *44366
4. @lowhum > *44476
5. @AndyGetch > *45704
6. @mikehex > *45774

I would like to join the challenge, but since I am away the two first weeks of 50/90, perhaps put my as number 5 or 6 in the list

Yes I would love to join!

I’m in!

Yes please. Count me in.

This challenge is always fun, I want in please

Morph 1 is now filled, in order of request by @Mt.Mélodie @JamKar @Scubed @Zeekle @see-man-ski. Now filling positions for Morph 2. This includes someone to volunteer a seed song when song posting opens.

I'd love to take part in a morph.

@wacha I can put you in for Morph 2. Who would like to provide a seed song for Morph 2 and then go last?

@AndyGetch - that works for me!

Wonderful @wacha thanks!

Put me in for Morph 2!

You're in @spirulence!

Count me in! Happy to do a morph!

In for where is space!

If I can still get in on this, please add me to a list!

Thanks @kahlo2013 @lowhum and @mikehex you are all in Morph 2!

Here is the seed song for morph 2

@spirulence you're up!

@wacha received, thank you much! Starting work on this now.

Here is the seed song for Morph 1 @JamKar you're up!

Sweet! I followed @lowhum in an Aunti Syn back in February. Mmmm.... Donkey at Large

I sent this morph of Andy’s excellent song to @scubed.

That empty space in morph 2 looks pretty inviting, throw me in there if it's still available!

Morph 2 is now full with the addition of @Vom Vorton. Next we will need volunteers for Morph 3 including someone willing to offer a seed song.

@AndyGetch my morph is complete!

@kahlo2013 you're up! I'll post on your soundboard too.

Got it, thanks!

Sorry I’ve been unexpectedly detained, @AndyGetch, but I’ll jump on @JamKar’s song right away!

Absolutely no worries @Scubed. Thanks to @JamKar with a quick turnaround we are way ahead of schedule so you've got plenty of time. I'm glad that you're back!

Thanks, @AndyGetch! Smile I had so much fun morphing @JamKar's morph of your song!

@Zeekle, you're up!

@Scubed Thanks, I am on it .. Sundays project.

@AndyGetch I'd love to take part in Morph 3. Could even contribute the seed song if wanted.

I'll hop into chain 3! Biggrin

My section is now done:


@Mt.Mélodie over to you now

Great progress everyone! Plenty of time left and no pressure on anyone. These morphs are moving along quite well considering that 3-4 weeks is the usual time frame and this is just day 12 of 90. We've got open slots for anyone interested in playing for the first time or playing again.

Morph 1 - five songs in already, very impressive! Plenty of time for @Mt.Mélodie and then I to finish.
Morph 2 - is on song three @kahlo2013
Morph 3 - waiting for @spirulence to provide a seed song and there are still four slots open.
Morph 4 (and beyond) - starts with a seed song (any volunteers?) and all other slots are open.

Cool tune @see-man-ski
@AndyGetch, I've already started writing on my morph but I won't record anything until I'm back home next week.


I will send to @lowhum

Happy to join another morph

@AndyGetch thanks for the gentle nudge about the seed song for Morph 3 - I'm working on it today and expect it to be done in a couple of hours!

here's my entry for morph 3!

Count me in...2,3,4

I have my lyrics written and will get my morph2 song recorded in the next few days!

I can jump in for morph 3

Gosh, there's a blank spot there in morph 3 that I feel pulling me. You might want to shuffle things a little though, somebody else should get the chance to follow @lowhum

@bunter @lowhum I have added you to Morph 3
@mikehex Since Morph 1 and 2 are filled, there is only one spot in Morph 3, and we have two months remaining in 50/90, I have opened up Morph 4. To give someone else the chance to follow @lowhum I can put you in morph 4. Would you like to provide the seed song to start (and then finish) Morph 4 or be placed in the number 2 spot?

@andygetch It's an overwhelming responsibility, but I believe I'm up for the task. Put me in for the seed song, I should have something soon