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I would like to take part in Lyrics Only Morph 2. Thanks

Welcome @AndreaB and thanks for filling the last open slot in Lyrics Only Morph 2.

To keep the fun rolling I have added a Lyrics Only Morph 3. Repeat participants from another morph are of course welcome! Also we are still looking for a volunteer seed song (and that person would also go last if they wish) for Music Morph 4.

Now that we have a full list of participants, is anything happening with the Lyrics Only Morph 2?

@Donna Devine it looks like @tsunamidaily is up next in Lyrics Only Morph 2.

lyrics only morph 2 has moved on.

by the book *49471

next up: @kahlo

I'll take a lyrics-only morph, just don't put me in the seed slot!

Here is my lyric MORPH 2:

morph baton is passed to @AndreaB

Happy to jump into another lyric or music chain if needed as I am all caught up!

Thanks @kahlo I plugged you in for the seed song (and last) in Lyrics Morph 3 and third in Music Morph 4 after @Amanda Rose Riley.

Here is my lyric Morph2:

Back to you @Donna Devine

@tsunamidaily and @kahlo, here's the final piece in Lyric morph 2. So much fun to write, especially after the preceding highly creative lyrics from my fellow morphers. Smile

'Colour Outside the Lines'

Here's my response to "I'm Waiting" for morph 4: *49657 @kahlo is up next!

I'll take a spot in the lyric morph3. Thanks

Here is music Morph 4! Thanks @Amanda Rose Riley for giving me a great song to work with!

We need someone to jump in this chain! Who wants to morph this?

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@kahlo I'll go.......if that's not one I'm already in Biggrin

edit: nope that ones blank after you. I'll jump in, but still room for one more.

Lyric Only Morph 3:

[@vivlarayna] your are next and we need a few more to sign up to morph lyrics

Lyrics Only Morph 3
1. Seed song @kahlo
2. @vivalarayna
6. @kahlo

Thanks @dzd !!!

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*49785 my part for Music 4

Still need one more person to hop in the fun for this one

@Kahlo, I have requested a spot in the lyric morph3. Hope to hear back soon Smile

Sorry this took so long, you hit me while I was on vacation (bad luck that). Here's the next morph3


Put me on for #4 I see there's still a blank.

Thanks @lowhum I have added you to Music Morph 4 to fill out that line-up.

Being the optimist I have opened up a Music Morph 5 for anyone who wants to play again.

For the other morphs-in-progress, I may need to shuffle the line-up(s) depending on how responsive folks in the queue are.

@AndyGetch Please sign me up for Morph 5 (whee!)

Seems like we are stalled in this morph -

Music Morph 2
1. Seed song @lowhum *48296
2. @sunnymae *48617
3. @kahlo *48814
4. @simpleiscomplex
5. @Spazsquatch
6. @lowhum

It doesn’t look like there has been much activity from @simpleiscomplex and @Spazsquatch on 50/90 for about 4 weeks. @AndyGetch any thoughts or advice?

Here is my thing for the #4 morph

I’m happy to join music morph 5 and we still need some foe the lyric morph 3 after @vivalarayna and @AndreaB

Thanks @kahlo. So far no reply yet to a message I had sent @simpleiscomplex earlier in the week. In order to keep things moving I have done a bit of a lineup shuffle. I moved @simpleiscomplex from the fourth slot in Music Morph 2 to a new seventh slot at a new end of Music Morph 1 following me if they return and are ready to play. I also moved @mikehex from the second spot in Music Morph 5 to follow you in the Music Morph 2 so please send @mikehex a note if you have any added song details.

Thanks @AndyGetch

Hey y'all. Stuff has come up in my life and I don't think I can get to Morph 3 in a reasonable time. @mikehex you should pass your track off to the next person after me

Thanks for letting us know @nate.gerry. For now I have switched your position with @dzd . Can make further line-up changes as needed.

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@nate.gerry I can throw it back to you when I'm done. It may take me a few days.

This is my contribution to Lyric-only Morph 3. Hope I kept to the challenge guidelines!

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Here are my lyrics for Lyrics- Morph3:

Need some more writers to sign up!

Lyrics for me

Wonderful @cindyrella I have put you in Lyrics morph 3 following @AndreaB and you are up!

Hi! Did I make it in time to sign up for the morph 3 lyric challenge? I hope. lol

Is there someone who wants to offer a seed song for MORPH 5 and others that would want to sign up?

yea! @Sunfire it looks like there is still a slot in MORPH 3 (lyrics) after @cindyrella so I am sure @AndyGetch will be able to slot you in there!

I have added @Sunfire to the fifth slot on Lyrics Only Morph 3 and have opened up a Lyrics Only Morph 4 if there is interest.

Also would echo the call by @kahlo to see if anyone is interested in providing a seed song and/or signing up for Music Morph 5.

I've reposted my song for Morph 2 *50688

@Spazsquatch, you're up!

If no one else wants to, I can seed the last lyric morph…. But would be happy to morph someone else’s seed song!

I'm interested in a Lyric Morph 4 slot and would be willing to try my hand at a seed song if no one else is interested. I know @kahlo's been doing a lot of the heavy lifting on that front.

Seed for Lyric Morph 4 is up! "Inner Happy Song"

Okay Lyric Morph 4 - my part is done! Now we just need others to sign up! Who is next? How about you?

Hey @AndyGetch, I would have still been interested, but life got away from me. Nothing bad, just a really full end to the summer. Should be getting back to normal, but I doubt writing is a part of that for at least another week. Sorry all.

@AndyGetch, @kahlo I'm so sorry guys, it's been crazy over here and I just can't deal with my practically unusable computer on top of everything. I'm not going to be able to do the Morph at all.

Based on the above replies I have made a few lineup changes.

Music Morph 1 - Is now marked as complete. Thanks for the note @simpleiscomplex and no worries at all. I am sorry to hear of the computer woes.

Music Morph 2 - Based on the notes above, to keep the morph moving I have moved @lowhum to the #5 lot and @Spazsquatch to the #6 slot.

Music Morph 5 - Thanks to @kahlo for volunteering to provide the seed song and also placed in the #5 slot. I have also inserted myself into the lineup and am hoping that at least one of the two remaining slots can be filled in the next two weeks in order to have a viable morph.

Lyrics Only Morph 4 - I have added myself and there are still two slots left.

Thanks for the replies all!