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Si quaeris autem compositores melodiae amoenam circumspice or something? Really, Google translate isn't the best thing in the world. Biggrin

There can only be one best thing in the world and that title is already taken!

What you say is philosophically and logically undeniable, @anonymouse! Smile

“If you seek a pleasant peninsula...”

Translated to Latin then back to English: If you seek a pleasant composers around.

Uh, I guess that’s good, too.

Hey, I tried. Biggrin

I actually liked the jumbled re-translation, in this context. We have some composers up in it.

Dude, this year was my first FAWM and my first 50/90 and your guitar sound has been a high point. "Show Me Your Face" was a favorite, of everything I've heard in general, lately. What's the new band?

Three middle aged academics who really should be building their online classes for the fall. Smile I twisted their arms with the offer of free time in a studio. Gotta record some stuff without click tracks. But the plague has set everything back, dammit.

My friend and writer @harrylime has joined us. Smile

@harrylime Hey dood

edit: @harrylime. I'm also a noob, here. I didn't get the hang of the square brackets right away.