Michael Elsner and Bobby Owsinski Music Sync - any thoughts?

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During FAWM I signed up to some online sessions by Bobby Owsinski and Michael Eisner about music syncing. They had a series of Zoom sessions and lots of information about how they could introduce you to the key people in the music business. It all seemed rather implausible. They had a number of additional sessions that required a reasonably small admission fee. I didn't sign up for any of them but also didn't unsubscribe. For months now I've received emails that seem so much in line with high pressure sales techniques. The line is that they are really keen to help and that they have all the contacts. I just don't believe any of their sales talk and think it's a all too good to be true or worse. However, I wondered if I am completely wrong and that maybe they are offering something valuable. Has anyone any experience of either of them? Or do you have any views?

Owsinski's own courses on mixing are very good, and he knows what he's talking about. The sync licensing thing—and I sat through several hours of the "free introductory workshop" too—was, as you say, an increasingly high-pressure sales pitch for their sync agency, expecting you to shell out several thousand bucks for a very uncertain payback. Not for me.

Tons of info out there. Best way is jump-in with some music library and figure it out. Music supervisors are tougher to get to.

I know nothing really about production, but if anyone is interested in learning about the sync world, and what is required of your music for sync, I am happy to help Smile I can cite @Dragondreams @coreystewart and @Steven Wesley Guiles as references Wink
Some courses are ok, but some are pure sales talk and pipe dreams. Nothing will come fast, and it's always hard work and time that pays off Smile There are free ways to learn about the sync world - just ask me Smile