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I've been advised people have sent me messages but I'm not receiving them. Anyone else had this problem?

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The site doesn't have messaging functionality. So, it's probably one of these:

1. dashboard comment
2. reply to a dashboard comment (see the very bottom of
3. email
4. direct message on slack or Twitter or something
5. profile comment on

6. smoke signal
7. semaphore
8. singing telegram
9. telepathic communication
10. sky writing

Thanks IA

I tried all those, Fuzzy.

Yes, I've had people try to email me (and vice versa) through the contact form and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I direct people to their spam folders when I use the 'contact' button. My guess is the domain isn't https, so gmail (depending on your settings) sorts it as spam for that reason.

Yes, I had assumed when I send a message the recipient gets an email via that contact form. I guess it's sporadic.
Good plan on the spam folder, JuS.

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Oh wow, there is a contract button!
I learned something today. Biggrin

@JūS Yeah, my first thought was also spam folder, but it seems like the times it's happened to me that hasn't been the case. Just vanished into the ether, I guess! Luckily, people here are pretty good about saying, "Hey, I sent you an email." Smile