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A collaborator/friend of mine who joined FAWM this year is unable to log in to the 50/90 site, although his profile page is visible here ('Bunter').
He doesn't remember what his password was for FAWM.

Is there anything useful I can tell him that will help him to log in?


Hi Donna! I had same problem and password recovery didn't work. I used contact form and Eric got me sorted really quick!

Just to be clear, the password for FAWM does not work here. It's a separate log in.
He can use the contact form:
or email the moderators: [email protected]
or just tag @Eric Distad to get it sorted on the site.

Thanks, @johnstaples and @tcelliott. I've passed on those details.

Thanks for all your advice. Donna did say the passwords are different for the two sites and she somehow jogged my memory.

Well, I don't want to miss out on all the fun.

Welcome, @bunter. Glad it got sorted.