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I just uploaded a piano solo which is 40 minutes long, and I consider that as a complete 'song'. I felt in the moment when I made it, I found it naturally grew to that length so decided to stick with it until it ran it's course. So it wasn't a flex or anything :P

But regarding the length of tracks and the limits people have pushed within the boundaries of their musical achievments, It got me wondering... what's everyone's longest song they've ever made under these challenges, or other constraints? Of course I'm not saying the longer a song goes on for the better, because I'm sure many of my long piano pieces won't get listened to all the way through.

Seem to remember seeing an epic guitar piece uploaded early on in the challenge that was done during a skirmish that was quite long as I recall. I'd like to also hear of some past songs over the years that may be remembered as the ones that stand out.

And chances are mine are just a drop in the pan when it comes to the overall galaxy of the bulk song making challenges.... but I don't mind for I make it for myself as a sort of archive of my pursuits.

... so what's your 'record' record? :P Wink

Wow! My longest is prolly well under 5 minutes. I usually target 2-3 minutes.

Wouldn't say this one stands out. The longest that I can find in my mp3 archive is an instrumental 'What If Drone Remix' from 50/90 2015 clocking in at 10:33. As I recall it was from a challenge by [@clioem]. Listener beware it ventures into avant garde steampunk-ish weird territory.
EDIT: Inspired by the topic I did a 13 minute thing *43989
One I felt good enough to play at the farmers market @Chip Withrow and I hang out at a few times and is my longest with lyrics is a co-write where @Pearlmanhattan wrote lyrics for me and I put music to 'The Wind Is Still Blowing' .Clocks in at 9 minutes 25 seconds from 50/90 in 2016

I also have a half a dozen between 6 and 8 minutes. 30 or so at 5 minutes and something. Admittedly more 3 minutes and something than anything. Might be time to write more epicness. Since I have time on my hands and especially because I have been discussing extended EDM experimentation in the Slack chat with @A.Eye and @metalfoot.

I seem to recall that one FAWM, @IA posted ONLY? 7 songs, each one a fully realized and produced orchestral piece longer than 20 min.

We usually average about 5-6 minutes per track? I like to think we have a lot to say musically which is why they are so long.

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It's pretty common practice for myself to record 15-20 minute free flowing tracks and just taking snippets that seem like it might work for something later more fully thought out........It's actually how I write 99% of the time...... I rarely listen to the entire thing myself, so full versions almost never see life outside of that initial recording that gets scrapped once/if I find anything worth keeping, some good advice I've received from someone on this site or fawm, don't remember who, was to limit those initial recordings to a set time limit, to make it easier palatable for myself later and to insure I actually listen again, which I do try to do.....I just don't hold myself to it very often Biggrin .......I think about 15ish minutes longest thing I've ever posted "here"

I tend to not have a problem listening to others long tracks, as I don't know where its already going(if anywhere in my case) and where or if there's some massive blunders just on the horizon hahaha

@IA's satellite from 2013 is 40+ minutes and I enjoyed it.

Actually its 47:02

My longest ever was Jonah, from 5090-2017. 49:46 in length. A rock opera in one long track.

probably about ten or eleven minutes? most of my stuff is way shorter then that, tho. I think my two longest pieces were one with a long long guitar solo, and the other with something like 14 verses or something...

My longest was back in 2015, called 'Fermi Paradox' and clocking in at 11:28 - a multi-part sci-fi story in three song sections separated by narration over spacey synth drones.

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@atitlan got a link for that? I'm instantly intrigued hahah!

@dzd - I'll repost it on my Soundcloud and link it here. Should appear in a few hours.

EDIT - https://soundcloud.com/atitlan/fermiparadox

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@atitlan thanks! sounds right up my alley of listening tastes Smile I'll catch it in the morning

I think 8:19 is my longest, a post-rock song I did during 50/90 2017: http://vomvorton.co.uk/music/5090/2017/VomVorton_CutieMustDie.mp3

@pipewrench67 and I did an aleatoric piece in 2015 that clocked in at exactly 20 minutes; I think that's the longest for me. But I performed a piece for a live stream a couple of weeks ago that was 29 minutes long. Maybe I should add that to this year's tally...

My longest was 9:10 for FAWM this year (https://thefishermenandthepriestess.com/track/moon-tune). I wasn't planning, I just had a story I wanted to tell and used the time I felt I needed.

Outside of FAWM/5090 I wrote a song that's 23:51 (https://thefishermenandthepriestess.com/track/track-a). I called it "a meditative track about the weird times we're going through" (COVID-19), and it's slow, long, and things change veeeeeery slooooowly.

Nice reading all your comments, the length varies between many of you, and its proof that its not how long a track is, its what you do with that time is the decider of how good a song it is!

Lots of various approaches, @dzd reminds me of the technique David Gilmore use(s) when making new songs, definitely a good way to get material ideas from your jams!

@IA the orchestral projects he did sounds awesome and it may be in that vein of producing lengthy tracks with intense depth and exploration is something I try at some point. Probably not this years challenge, but it'll be stewing in there, that brain of mine somewhere... Wink

@metalfoot this sounds cool! It's a little spark of a festering dream of mine (along with many others) to be able to create a themed rock opera album/song Biggrin

@atitlan interesting concept! How did you come up with the ideas for it? I intend on making concept based tracks and albums in the future. I'll have to come around to them though, too much negativity in my head around the exploration ideas I wanna go down, but I'm not ready to venture down those paths yet... it'll come!

@headfirstonly I'm interesting in hearing this 29 minute piece! Especially since the ease of the internet allows me to play it in the background while I write lyrics or what have ye Biggrin

@Elesimo cool! I'm interested in the meditative track - on theme and topical songs with the times are something of a pleasure of mine Wink

@tcelliott another IA track! That I'll have to try and find to get a listen of it Wink hearing the standard of some of his stuff I have to say it would deffo be interesting to hear that!

@AndyGetch nice to see you bob your head in, sire! Wink Yes I am eager to hear your lengthy pieces, even the strange one as you mentioned... I cannot get enough strangeness Wink I'll be checking them out!

I don't wanna keep adding more tags to the post cause it might break and I dunno if I've reached the limit already.... but I'll be stopping by to hear the rest of the suggestions made, even the 2-3, 5-6, etc songs... I'll update when I get around to the listening experiences Wink

I have tons of songs I can listen to for my inspiration for future epics Biggrin

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@nerdjealous yeah I'm digging through a lot of these long ones too, especially while doing something else Smile your long piano improv one was great perfect calming driving music Wink ..........that one by @atitlan thanks again!, but I thoroughly loved it as well....as it coincided with a lot of my reading tastes Smile and recommend giving that one a listen when/if you get a chance....it could of been longer if I had anything at all negative to say about it even among impolite company haha

one guy here @ustaknow turned me onto an idea I had never even thought of, he'll double-back some long improv stuff on itself basically making an inserted dub out of itself, the ones I've heard him do that to have turned out really nice! I've yet to attempt it myself, it's on a to-do/try list as well, could suck, could work....only trying will tell Wink might be something worth you yourself looking into, I can see it maybe working really well with that piano piece of yours if you ever go back to it, really like it as it though too...it worked for my ears be whatever they may be Wink ........I must commend you again for staying on track for so long.......I don't have the attention span for it, I would of been all over the place rhythmically even if I'd of had a click track going hahah.

My DAW ruthlessly cuts my stuff off at 3 minutes. It obviously cares about people.

Most of my tunes are well under three minutes, although I will occasionally churn out a fifteen minute or so Ambient/Space track.
For example, this summer's "New Machines" with myself and @Dragondreams.

IIRC This site's file hosting is capped at 10 Mb for each individual mp3 file, so for internally-hosted songs you're going to hit a time limit. Externally-hosted files can be much longer, though.

@nerdjealous Here you go! https://headfirstonly.bandcamp.com/track/v-em20-live-set-25th-july-2020

@nerdjealous - you asked about the ideas for my sci fi track. Basically, a distillation of years of reading science fiction combined with scientific speculation about the Fermi paradox. I particularly liked the idea of benign aliens filtering our view of the cosmos to protect us from ourselves and there really being no paradox all (the whole little earth segment). The reason for a song about the Fermi paradox at all was because someone threw it up as a challenge - there were a whole bunch of songs at the time.

My Tri-Nebuli Overture. Usually when I play it, it clocks in around the 12-15 minute mark, but I did record a 24 minute version once upon a time… Here\s a version that's close to that 24 minute mark:


I've been thinking the last few days of trying to go for a 20 minute song during 50-90 this year. But it'll have to wait until I get back home to my studio. I'm in Winnipeg for the week so I'm limited to old fashioned no-guitar Jeskola Buzz tunes this week :D. But this thread has inspired me!

See You In The Shadows…

The Fawm '13 FAWMonster Corpse was 13:58 ... I don't have the slightest how long @Dragondreams jams are.
Speak of which, he and I did a collab in Fawm '13 that waas 7:07 "All I See" which is probably the longest one I've been involved with if you don't count corpses etc.,

The longest song I did was during 50/90 2017. My closing song "The End of it All', a progressive rock piece with only vocals and piano, lasted 26:04.
My second longest piece was written during National Solo Album Month 2019, called either "Symphony in A#" or "Rollin'". It runs 23:50.

@tcelliott - the version I have of our "All I see" track is 26 minutes long! Wink

@Dragondreams Eeerm, I might need to get a copy of that from you. Look at me upping my longest song length by sitting here letting my collaborators do all the work.

I remember apologizing once in the notes for a song that was “a 7-minute snoozefest”. Unless it’s some weird ambient open-ended noise bit, I try to keep it mostly 3-4 minutes. Under 3 and I feel like I accomplished something!