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I have been designing a logo to represent my musical activities. The first draft is set as my profile pic. I would appreciate any comments as to what you think works, and what I could improve.

I like the color fade in the notes. The type is a little difficult to read, I’d suggest putting the letters in an actual circle maybe, maybe a little further away from the notes, play with the spacing between the letters until it’s easier to read? And the notes have an irregular shape, so they don’t quite look centered on the green box.

Those are the things I would mess with. You’re getting this much blah blah blah from me because I’m a graphic designer, it’s how I spend my work day.

Hope that helps, I think it’s a cool idea and a good start.

I like it, but my main concerns are the colors. There's very little contrast between the text "failedludite" and the background, making it hard to read even on the big version (it's readable on a Mac with a good screen, but that might not be the case in other screens). It might also not be colorblind-friendly (you can test here: https://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/).

(Not a designer, but I learned a trick or two from my girlfriend who is one.)

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What did you use as a reference?

Thanks for your advice. I've made a few changes along the lines of your suggestions, @standup (It's great to have input from an actual professional, so thanks for taking the time to reply). You were right about the colour-blindness, @Elesimo, I've improved the contrast between the text and the background, so even when they appear the same colour, they should still be visible. I didn't really use any reference, @IA, just a few ideas in my head from lots of logos I've seen in my research.

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Ah, I recommend that you use references. That's what 100% of the professionals do.

Wise advice, @IA. I guess it's the same as when mixing, you should always use a reference. But I couldn't really find a logo that achieved what I was trying to. The fragmented notes idea came from here: https://www.brandcrowd.com/maker/logo/4895fd2a-6704-4f16-a50d-c3fd5b9d0d94

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Finding references is hard for sure. Sometimes I can spend an hour just looking for the perfect references for my art. But it's worth it.

The fracturing effect doesn't really look too much like the one in your reference.

I would also advice to find a reference with your preferred colors. If nobody has been able to make a great logo with those colors to date, then maybe it's not such a good idea to use them. Smile

The colours are tricky to get right. The blue/purple gradient on the notes was where I started from. I like the way that comes across and don’t particularly want to change those colours. My next step was to choose colours for the text and background that complemented those, but I don’t think I’ve done a successful job of that so far.

Here are two different colour schemes for the logo I have been playing around with: http://failedluddite.com/50-90/Logocompare.png
Which do you think works best?

I like the one on the right, there's enough contrast for readability, and pulling the type away from the notes makes the whole thing easier to quickly take in. Have you tried black for the background color? Might be interesting to try. Or a dark grey.

Tried a grey background (with a bit of a gradient), and have uploaded it as my profile pic. What do you think? Contrast isn't quite as good as the yellow background in the first of the comparison file, but still good enough I think.