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I know that quite a few FAWMers out there have channels on Twitch; post your handles here and I'll follow you all, if I have not already done so!

I've been streaming every Thursday at 19:30 BST (20:30 CET, 14:30 EDT, 04:30 Queensland time - sorry!) for a while now, so please swing by and say hi.

For those of you in different time zones, I've been archiving all my shows on my YouTube channel. I'd love it if you subscribed:

I've been thinking about doing a show every Sunday for the duration of 50/90, where I'll focus on generating creative ideas, my songwriting process, and home recording tips as I write a song live on air from the studio. Would anyone be interested in watching that?

I don't Twitch, but I will do some livestreaming of some sort once the fiber internet reaches my place!

I have not played out (or streamed) yet in 2020. Had to give up my first gig in Feb (at local farmers market) when I had H1N1. The next one in April was cancelled due to COVID. My already marginal performance skills are fading (and performance anxiety is increasing). To have any hope of salvage I need to get back to live streaming of some sort. A few years ago when the interwebs supported Adobe Flash Player I was on a music performance website called Streetjelly and my meager 10/1 DSL could do a marginal-but-a-bit-choppy-with-occasional-freezes stream). Our DSL is not fast enough for OBS (I tried). At home am in the process of switching to cable internet which will hopefully be fast enough for smoother streaming. If it is then maybe Streetjelly (EDIT 7/14: Internet upload speed is much better and I did a successful short set today on Streetjelly. I don't know that I will have a regular timeslot however my info is here ).

Haven't streamed, but I've been thinking about it a lot. Would need to figure out what would work best for me & my current (yet ever-evolving) gear setup. I'll have to check out your feed, @headfirstonly - I'd love to watch your process unfold.

See You In The Shadows…

I've never really tried using twitch to look for music and recording stuff, but I will check out your channel and would be very interested in watching your processes next thursday or sunday @headfirstonly

I'm streaming on Youtube 3 times a week, Wednesdays will be 50/90 related, Friday nights I do a live concert and Sunday nights I do a live art class. I hope to be streaming on Twitch soon - once I get the youtube streams settled in - probably around December. Feel free to drop by.

@Pearlmanhattan and @headfirstonly - I watched some clips from your YouTube channels. Feel like I know you better!
I teach livestream yoga six times a week, and in one of them I perform a song at the beginning and end. My wife and I own a yoga studio, and we moved all our classes, workshops, and trainings online so I'm also Zooming a few times a week.
I haven't done a music-centered livestream yet, but I think I'm doing one Sunday for our online yoga festival - my wife made the schedule, and I just show up when I'm supposed to.
My teenage daughter sings opera and show tunes, and she's done a couple Instagram lives since we started staying home. She's a natural. Although I have no problem performing music to actual audiences, I'm still awkward in front of the camera. I sure don't like to watch myself on video.

I did a livestream a week ago for my high school Alumni Association's Friday Night Tiger Music series on Facebook. Never done such a thing before. It was a lot of work figuring it all out. Here's the video.

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Yupp, I'm streaming right now, if someone's interested. Biggrin

The theme song has been written.
The opening sequence has been filmed and edited.
My Fifty/Ninety live stream will be on air from 21:00 BST this evening (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CET).
I'll be talking about ways in which you can raise your game on Fifty/Ninety without breaking the bank (or, in fact, without spending any more money at all).

See you there!

The next Fifty Ninety livestream starts in an hour from the HFO studio. This week, it's all about microphones: what they do, what type you need, and how to get good results from yours. Tune in on Twitch, and I'll see you there!

Now archived on my YouTube channel:

I don't use Twitch, but I do a Facebook Live concert from my house every Wednesday at 4 pm Eastern if anyone's interested: I know a lot of people like Twitch but I've been pretty satisfied with the viewers and engagement I get on Facebook and it's been slowly but steadily growing every week. I also sometimes do a one-on-one song swap with various friends on Instagram on Sundays but I've found that Instagram isn't as good for live music.

I use twitch for a pretty wide variety of stuff, but I've been known to dip into the music creation process on it. Probably will be using it for some speedwriting since most of my music streams on there involve improvising songs based on ideas from the chat. Come to think of it, that would probably help me hit 50. No regular schedule at this point.

Not Twitch, but on my band's Instagram, our guitarist and I have been trading off acoustic livestreams every saturday at 6pm cst.

Tonight's show will be covering the basics of compressors and discussing why you might want to use them. 21:00 BST, 16:00 EDT.

Already edited down and uploaded to YouTube for you to watch at your convenience:

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By the way, some sick compressors free at pluginboutique with the discount code.

Once again I'll be hosting my regular Fifty/Ninety "how to" show on Twitch at 22:00 CET, 21:00 BST, 16:00 EDT tonight.
The subject this week is "eq." Any questions? Ask away and I'll attempt to answer them during the show.

(Edit: Show's now edited down and uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. )