Live skirmish Saturday, August 15th, noon PDT, 3 pm EDT; 7 pm GMT

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WHAT: A live FAWMSTOCK skirmish! Write a song in an hour while getting to meet fellow FAWMers/ 50/90ers
TOPIC: TBA on stream and in this thread

Can't wait to see you there!

Awesome! I hope to join you!

Will try to log in. Very cool idea.

TOPIC: Vehicle

Optional prompts: Use a dramatic change in tempo; write in 7/8

Taken from @IA's Bard Cards

Here is mine *44041

Here's mine *44057

Oops very belatedly. I wrote a song.. and I did a track (without words) but I didn't get round to putting the two together.. Link to lyrics is (you should get the 7 thing I think no problem) and the track will follow.