Let me make a T'Watt of myself for you

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Mmm... not the best headline in the world perhaps.

Along with being a bass player, I'm also an electronics engineer. And, now I'm retired, I've started my own little cottage industry building my infamous "T'Watt" high-gain, low-output, valved guitar amplifiers.

These are the amps I use for all my guitar parts.

They're horribly expensive, but each one is hand-built to order from scratch. I don't carry a stock, so waiting times can be as long as a month.
Would I buy one? Not at the prices I charge, which is why I built my own! (I love a paradox) Biggrin

And if that hasn't put you off, maybe the web site will. Biggrin


Ooooh, I still want one.

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I am technically inept to the degree of which you offer your services, sir. However, it's still impressive. So there's that. Biggrin

Be prepared to hear one of these on a song I post soon. So warm and gooey and synth friendly...well, at least mine is. Wink

Those prices are really competitive for boutique amps like those.


@Chasing Andromeda Do you have the standard or deluxe. Actually, I could probably tell if I just go listen.

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@Dragondreams I do love your honesty Biggrin I have enough hobbies, amp building might get added to the list someday, but like @TomS said, relatively its not a bad price for what it is. I know some who have paid lots more for a lot less(usually just the brand label). Even those DIY kits for just a head have gotten fairly expensive, and sourcing good while still cheap parts has gotten harder and harder.

@tcelliott - @Chasing Andromeda has a couple. His Standard ended up dead on arrival - in fact that's the one that is pictured on my web site as the Standard.
It was cheaper for me to ship a replacement than for Mike to return it under warranty. But his replacement is a very rare version of the Deluxe (it was my own personal amp).

I plan to visit him in person one day to repair his dead Standard model.

I will order one, one day. But money is tight right now. Sad

@Dragondreams Let me know when you make it and I'll crash the party.

Also, some of my recent searches are: Pounds to Dollars conversion. Shipping costs from the UK to the US. Additionally, I've looked at my two speaker cab to see if it's 8 ohm or 16. You'd think I'd know since I wired it myself.

I'm counting on you being there! Smile

One thing we discovered is it's way cheaper for me to arrange shipping from my end than it is for you guys, even using the same company! A quote from DHL from here in the UK was a third of the price that they were quoting if it was booked from the US for the same trip!

As for the impedance, either model will run from 6 to 20 ohms without breaking a sweat. They have an impedance selector switch (Standard) or multiple output jacks (Deluxe). 6 to 12 ohms is handled by the 8 ohm output; 12 to 20 by the 16 ohm output.

And the standard awaits a visit from its daddy. Wink

The Deluxe is enticing, but I like the rawness of the standard. Decisions, decisions.