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After three years of FAWM, I've had to admit that I now can't last a whole year to do it again, so I've now signed up to 50/90 too.

So this just to wave a quick hi to everyone I know from FAWM and those I don't know yet. Looking forward to enjoying your music!


Yo! This place gets kind of moribund this time of year. We can use all the energy we can get

HI Neil! Glad to see you've finally signed up for the *really* crazy challenge. Pull up a (appropriately socially distanced) chair, hit record, and dive in!

Better late than never!

@fresh spotless youth, "moribund" seems a touch gloomy to me.
I prefer "becalmed". Smile

Good to see you all, guys.

Guess I have to write a song featuring the word "moridbund" now...

The more the merrier and less moribund ROFL

...just remember that "...The Burgermeister" has been taken.

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*waves* and yeah moribund was great for your first prompt Biggrin hah!

Moribund mor problems

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99 problems but moribund ain't one Biggrin that's some fun on the moribund

Burgermeister was *exactly* where I was going to go with that! Damn, you Gabriel!!!

Hi Neil, i listened to your album yesterday. Welcome to a fairly quiet 50/90. I am sure you will find a few usual suspects around here!

Cheers @coolparadiso! I've sent you an email.
Looking forward to getting involved here!

UPDATE: Operation Moribund has been completed.