Internet Radio Show "Offbeat" starring 50/90!

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The episode's up as a podcast already actually, for any busy people who may have missed it:

Keen listeners will notice i didn't play any 5090 stuff on the show last week (and the podcast isn’t available yet either) but this week i hope to play loads. I'll be listening to the site tomorrow evening for songs but i think I'll try to limit it to people still active in the forums, what do you think?

Good idea to keep it to those who are active. Things are certainly slowing down as is usual for this point in October.

This week, the Offbeat show is still playing a stackload of excellent music from 50/90, from: @sunnymae, @Mandolinda, @coolparadiso, @tjeff, @gregwere, @nancyrost, @standup, @kenmattsson, @kahlo, @elesimo, @Stephen Wordsmith, @AndyGetch, @dzd, @Edward Roussac, @burrsettles, @Jibbidy34, @fresh spotless youth, @richaaaay, @loveonamixtape, @mike skliar, @Sunfire, @wobbie wobbit, @metalfoot and @Roddy, so DON'T MISS IT! It's on at midday (British time) on Saturday (16th of October this week), then repeated on Sunday at 8pm and Monday at 9pm (BST), on or on the Spanish rock Shot Radio app.

So tune in to one of these times, because if you miss it you will have to WAIT a FEW DAYS until the episode goes up on the website in the PODCAST section!

@Calum Carlyle, OMG, really? I'm both honored, surprised and worried! A lot of my recordings are trials, so I hope you chose one with better production quality!

ooh nearly missed this, will try to catch it tonight. alarm set! thanks @Calum Carlyle!

@Calum Carlyle, The last selection of songs you featured were all wonderful listens. A great number were tunes I missed listening to during 50/90 , Thank you for selecting one of my favorite collaborations.

Have just listened to the podcast. it was very good

For those others who need a little assistance: Go to and choose Offbeat 121: More Fresh Songs!

Thanks! It's my first time getting radio play!

Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone, glad you enjoyed the show, there are just loads of songs from all the songwriters that do deserve a wider audience, i always feel like I'm barely scratching the surface.

Anyway, more 50/90 stuff on the show again this week, and more next week as well, on today's show starting in about 40 minutes.

:O Just stumbled across this thread, never realised I'd been played until now!! Cheers!

No worries. Yes i played you last week, on episode 122. The full 5090 performer list for that episode is: @elesimo, @Edward Roussac, @Gm7, @Stephen Wordsmith, @fresh spotless youth, @metalfoot, @Roddy and @burrsettles and here's the link to listen to it again.

I haven't got any more plans to play 50/90 stuff tomorrow, and it will be repeats for the seven weeks after that. Mind you, you're all very welcome to keep listening in every week, I have selected my favourite ones for the repeats. And, i will be back with an xmas special on the 25th of December at noon (GMT) on so do tune in for that and if any of you have got xmas songs, please let me know about it. I'm planning to play an xmas song by Stephen Cope (who doesn't actually seem to be registered here on 5090) but it would be nice to get more xmas stuff in the episode from the FAWMmunity!

I really appreciate that you take the time to share some of our music with a wider audience @Calum Carlyle... thanks for this!

I'll be doing it again in February! Smile