Instrumental songwriters looking for collabs?

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I'm wondering who are the instrumental-only writers here (posting instrumental tracks) who are down to have someone potentially add a vocal melody and lyrics on top of any of their songs?

I'm hoping to train myself to write more interesting melodies by starting with more interesting background music (I always just end up playing the same standard guitar chord progressions which makes it harder to write interesting tunes - improving my guitar skills and risk taking is one option which I'm working on, but this is another). Of course I could always use someone's music for inspiration and then write my own music to the song I wrote, without using the instrumental track at all. But I think some proper collaborations would be more fun.

I'm not sure how many I want to do, could be only one or two, could be lots depending on time, mood, and inspiration. And I can't make any specific promises, I'll just follow, check out your songs, and see if anything grabs at me. But if any other lyric/vocal melody writers also want to use this thread to find collabs, that would be fine with me!

Hi Amanda, I often create instrumental tracks and it was wonderful to collaborate with you. Looking forward to more collaborations whenever you are happy to.

Almost all of mine are open to play with. Sometimes I'll mark one as not for collab if it has special meaning to me as an instrumental, but that's rare. Smile
I'll hopefully have something singer-friendly posted by the weekend.

Thanks @Dragondreams and @musicsongwriter, I watchlisted and will see what happens.

And yes, Nadia I actually quite enjoyed what I came up with for our collaboration last time, it was very different from my usual writing and a cool song.

@Amanda Rose Riley I'm a producer, unsure if you're familiar with me, but I often need to recruit outstanding female singers to drop some epic vocals on various tracks I'm creating. I have a song coming soon called "Sad Girl Hours" and I'd be down to hear your vocals and see if you're right for the project.

Hey [@NuJ4X] thanks for the reply. Not sure if I would call my vocals epic! But if you want to listen to some of my finished songs I have links up at my website: I'm pretty much down for anything because I'm trying to become more musically creative by experiencing different things, but it just depends on how much work is involved and how much time I have.

Thank you so much Amanda.

I am attempting to figure out how this designing stuff actually works so I have been putting up synth experiments instrumentals, mainly because I can't be bothered to put any lyrics or sing on them yet (and if I'm honest, I'm not quite sure how). You are welcome to peruse and if any take your fancy let me know what you need. I am happy to embellish them some more because at the moment there just little random ideas.

@see-man-ski Just watchlisted you, why not?

@Amanda Rose Riley - I'm listening to your music right this second and I am blown away. You are absolutely incredible! Not the right fit for Sad Girl Hours, unfortunately, but your tone, your lyrics, your's intoxicating. My email address is [email protected], let's talk.

edit: had a collab that needed spoken word but we worked it out.

I have plenty of unfinished material that I put on the back burner, though. I'd be happy to supply something for a future collab! Smile