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This is a weird request that needs some explanation. As some of you know, I perform at atypical venues. I've performed at renaissance faires, Wizard conventions, Steampunk events... things like that. And I've been performing under the name Kate the Chanticlaire. I want to elevate my game, and Chanticlaire has been nothing but a name for the past few years. I'm performing as me. It's not like I can't do character development. I've done environmental theater. I've done improv. I've just been lazy, and being lazy isn't getting me the gigs I want. So it's time to make Chanticlaire a more real person. But I'm out of practice with character development. It's been 11 years since I've done it with any seriousness. And now I don't have a full cast to bounce ideas off of. So maybe some of you could be my cast. One of my favorite exercises was called "Hot Seat." That's when one actor sits on stage as their character and all the other actors (as their characters, but you're already a bunch of characters) asks them questions. Anything you want to know. I'll hand this thread over to Chanticlaire and she'll have to answer your questions without too much thought. She won't try to be clever or anything. She'll just answer as honestly as she can. I usually come on a couple of times a day, but I'll let her answer first before I check out the rest of the forum. So go ahead. Ask away!

Who's your craziest/strangest relative and why?

[tcelliott] Hello my friend! What an excellent question to start off with! We're all a bit strange. That's what happens when you have a family of story hopping travelers. But I'd say probably Aunt Katherine. I was named after her. She traveled farther than any of us... ended up in a place called Innsmouth. She was never the same after. She used to love seafood, but near the end she would go into violent fits at the sight of calamari. She wrote on walls more than most authorities were fond of too.

@katpiercemusic How would Chanticlaire enter a room (or the stage) and what is their favorite instrument?

@ustaknow I believe you're thinking of the masculine vs the feminine. I'm a Chanticlaire, but my brother is a Chanticleer. It confuses a lot people. The men in our family do tend to crow more than the women.

@AndyGetch This is Chanticlaire. My dear friend Katie is letting me use her account, but I can answer for myself. I think I do most things eagerly. It's exciting, isn't it? Getting to make new friends. It's probably my favorite part of being a Chanticlaire.

How do you and your "dear friend Katie" stay dear friends? Is it a feminine thing or perhaps a pharmaceutical effort? I have to argue & fight & wrest control from @Tim Fatchen even for something as simple and reasonable as writing this forum post. And as for having MY friends out to play, well that's just horrendous. I blame it on his prediliction for neoclassical piano tinkling. sgd Flying Tadpole.

@Tim Fatchen we respect each other’s space. I’m not around very often… off on my adventures most of the time. That helps. In truth I think she lives a bit vicariously through me so she’s willing to look past my more insufferable qualities.

@ustaknow pants are worn in my family by whomever chooses to wear them. Frocks and skirts too. That has nothing to do with what we call ourselves or who does the crowing. My cousin Jo looks great in a farthingale and crows the loudest. Of course she goes by Chanticlaire these days. So I guess that muddies the whole business with crowing to begin with.

Hey, Chanticlaire, good to meet you!
Where ya from??

Pleased to meet you Chanticlaire. I'm wondering if you were asked to write a song about murder, who would be the victim? Who would be the murderer? Who would be the detective that solves the case (if the case was solved)?

See You In The Shadows…

If 'all the world's a stage', then do we not all do environmental theatre?

Whoa, @Stephen Wordsmith, that's pretty deep.
True, tho.

@Stephen Wordsmith Environmental theatre was what I (me, Tim Fatchen) did for a living all my student and working life, but it was developing tragedy all the way. Is it any wonder that Flying Tadpole appeared to torment me? I mean, I was taught that punishment and hellfire awaited me AFTER I stopped living. They lied...

Er, what's a "fictional character"?

@Ray D. Opossum A "fictional character" is a product of a diseased imagination. You know how sometimes, when you're typing a reply on these forums, you have the vagrant thought that it's actually a human typing and that you, yourself, are not quite all there? That's a "fictional character" trying to emerge. Stamp down hard on such imaginings, they only lead to problems. sgd Flying Tadpole

That's why I only ever write fictitious narratives about real characters. Poor Oskar Kokoschka.


Who was your favorite childhood toy, and why?

Also, have you ever killed anyone for an unjustified reason?

~ Mr. Beany (It's supposed to be _my_ band, so why am I treated like the mascot?)

@Fuzzy Charmed, you strange Ferret person (I assume that picture is a ferret)! We travel a lot so I'm not really from anywhere, though the family story is that I was born in a pub where my family was playing and my first crib was an old viola case.

@Candle Good question! I've written many songs about murder and I get away with it in every single one!

@Stephen Wordsmith Pretty words, but no one wants to live in that world when it's time to go to the bathroom.

@Tim Fatchen I was once plagued by flying tadpoles, but I'm pretty sure it was just some ergot-y beer. Also, I take exception to your characterization of me.

@yam655 I like yams. I used to play with the older broken down instruments that couldn't be played anymore. I remember my brother and I used to take turns climbing into an old bass drum barrel and rolling down steep hills in it. I think that was my favorite. Your second question seems very subjective. Why would anyone kill someone for an unjustified reason? Do you mean accidentally?

Dear Chanitclaire, my neotenic apologies if I have offended, but I was only trying to warn you, for your own good of course, of the dangers of accepting your imaginary friend as real. Life would be so much simpler for me as Flying Tadpole if I could totally eradicate this notion that my glove puppet @Tim Fatchen has a reality outside mine. Still, i guess the creative tension that arises has its uses.

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What artist(s) pull your heart strings the most?

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What is your deepest regret?
What do you want more than anything in the world?
What is your pet peeve?
Who are the type of people you can't stand?
Do you believe in God?
What's something your parents taught you that you'll never forget?

Could I borrow some money?

Lol @cblack!

See You In The Shadows…

@Tim Fatchen You are forgiven on account of I learned a new word!

@ustaknow The Highwayman. I never met him, but it's something of an ongoing celebrity crush.

[cts] Good question! That's a tough one. Yeats maybe? I just love to visit his world.

@IA That's a lot of questions all at once! 1. I don't have a good memory for regrets. I think I have them, but they're always at the back of my mind where I can't quite catch them. 2. A pair of comfortable shoes that will last forever. 3. AND 4. Folk musicians who sing about the people and the land, but wear the gentry's clothes. 5. Sometimes, but I don't think it matters to God whether I do or don't. 6. The richer they are, the cheaper they fall. @cblack Sure, but you're barking up the wrong maypole asking me.

@ustaknow again. I'm a musician. I perform for money. When that doesn't work I can cook, I can clean, I can do odd jobs. When I was young I apprenticed with a gentleman named Fagan. I have skills. For your last question... I pick up sounds wherever I got, so my music gets a little muddled. A bit of this. A bit of that. Like a really nice soup.

I will be going on a bit of an adventure this coming Wednesday, so Tuesday will be my last day to answer questions. After that I hand the reigns back to Katie.

Chanticlaire, you'll be taking portable soup, I trust. Always useful on an adventure. Mr Lear & Mr Gilbert both recommended it. sgd Flying Tadpole

And like all good travellers who have a copy of The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy, don't leave the house without your towel!

See You In The Shadows…

I've suddenly found I'm going on a bit of adventure tomorrow, two, but the problem for me/us is that neither @Tim Fatchen nor Flying Tadpole are in any way in control. Though we've managed to accumulate the 16 pages of paper that in theory will prevent us being stopped at the border and (more importantly) allowed to return home. "Papers!" demands the travel commissar. Vaccinated? beside the point. "Papers!" demands the travel commissar.

@Tim Fatchen it will matter one day no vax no travel, just not yet!

@coolparadiso I'm already fully vaccinated. No one bureaucratic cares. [sob] Anyway, as is the case in my chaotic life, the adventure is "off" for a fortnight. Thank God. Or Gog. Or Magog. Or whatever...

No no @ustaknow, it changed last night and I don't go! Shifted into next fortnight, Chaos rules and fright is right! "Though I'm anything but clever, I could talk liek that forever!"

Sorry all! I am easily distracted. Here are my answers and then I'm gone!
1. I like portable soup, but it's a bit warm for that sort of thing right now.
2. I always bring a towel. Hey did you all know that Katie's 42nd birthday is tomorrow? She say's she'll have the answer, but she hasn't told me to what question yet.
3. If I had a plan for this adventure it wouldn't be much of an adventure would it?
Off I go into the unknown! Thanks for chatting with me!