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I'm here.

Hi, from Allen County.

I lived there for some years! Smile

Where are you now, Tom?

@squeakmouse73 Flint, Michigan! Went to school in West Lafayette, then had a job up in Valparaiso for a while. Smile Family down in Indy!

I haven't been back to Indiana in a couple of decades, but I I will always be a Hoosier in some sick, twisted way. I went to school in Tippecanoe County from elementary school through grad school. Maybe a high school reunion could tempt me to return, though I always look at the photos on FB and wonder who the heck those people are

@squeakmouse73 Good to see you back. I'm in Monroe county these days, but born elsewhere in the state.

Once a Hoosier - always a Hoosier (now in Ohio)