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I'm phylo. Phil, if you prefer. I live in the Bay Area and would to collaborate with you. I've been doing this for a pretty long while.

Definitely up for collabing. We can work out the details once 50/90 actually starts. Smile

Sure, - your stuff looks like a good fit.

Well, depending how you personally define "collaborate", - I'm open to listening to any suggestions. So, meaning, hahh, to make this "short" (and you been around 11 years now, so you're not "new")... if you like "hate" Christians, the slight tinge (not music any Christian would sing in church, to be sure, - chased out of many)... that slight tinge I add, well, then, that could be a challenge, - yet "versions" works for me, so long as not going the "other way" Smile

I liked the "at the top" YT stuff (i did not dig to analyse you), -- you have currently (very quick click through's, very quick), so, topical, but not agenda filled, or hate baited, so that works for me too, "essential" and et alia, "when it's over", etc. So, for further e.g., if get a good hit off a lyric but, I've/you've crossed a "line" of some kind, find another word, etc., like that.

- Or, just ignore me, that's fine too, but, you posted this, not "direct contact" -ed, so, there you go. Folks that know me, know, I'm about "01110000 01100101 01100001 01100011 01100101" (indeed Smile ).

One other thing I "heard" (i just heard), since I found it very hard to find folks to "sing with" (just not around, so I gang vocal myself :), hahhh), -- therefore, you and your partner, could "dub" vocally, or even in your finger picking style, do a "wide, and back" additional guitar. (I'll take the wav, and mix it in, - I send an mp3, you dub, and squirt out a wav of just that dub, but, - dry, mic to daw, untouched.)

So, all that..., - just to get a feel of what I got from this and clicking very quickly, your links. (Makes it easier later, imo.)

So, to be even more blunt, and kindly avoid disappointment since this is all about "fun", for me, anyway, - all the cool kids that aggressively choose to sing about hate and fear last year+ and accomplish nothing but more hate and fear and division, but not "now", Fool well, we ignore each other. So, like that. (Feel free, it's okay! Smile ) But, if you been around for 11 years, - you are probably aware, in general Smile I am sure!

- Peace

Oh, and, me being new, back to video on this stuff, - you're time lapse stuff, if pub dom, I'd loop in stuff ad hoc... I'd been finding finally something that works for me on Linux Mint, OpenShot... so, me, when I say "demo", I mean, I take a bunch of krappolla and just jam it together w/o concern, to "learn" or frame what I do... so, the "work product" presently, is just, -- "I got a video up".

- So, to make this simple:

Now, for some reason, some folks find it hard to believe, this is just krappe jammed together, the music, too, - nice to know/hear, but, it really is, and rarely gets past "this" level of krapollaness Smile

- So, how I'd use your loops, and new if get them... nice water you got there.

Hahh, maybe I should'a waited, but, I only jump in "here" when have time, from - at work stuff, usually during lunch time.

- Hahhh..., I just started learning slide, and a buddy gave me an aluminum one, hughe... but worked for me, so just hit record on the i8 and processed actually that vid and audio here... just for fun, (these are all unlisted, so, can't see'em otherwise).


Hello from Shoreline/North City/Seattle

Hi, I'm new here. San Francisco native and still live here. I've done FAWM the last four years, so I figured it was time to step up to this.


salute from seattle... have an inspired summer...

I am in the SF Bay area, sf proper in fact. While I had the intention of approaching 50/90 this year much like I've done FAWM from 2018-2021, actually working on the songs. But I with other non-musical projects going on, including working remotely M-F in the space where I was trying to do music, I found myself uninspired. I did a whole bunch of recording, but they are mostly stereo mix pieces I created using one synth, a few things that were done using a couple of iOS apps, and the occasional thing I'd yell or guitar into my phone. Most of it I haven't even gone back and listened to, but I do intend to use it all as a base to create the next album. - so at least there's that. Will it be 50 tracks? I don't know, but I'll shoot for that and if I can eventually get it up on bandcamp, I will note is as being from 50/90.

Maybe next year... see yall during FAWM 2022.
Gubna out!