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I'm phylo. Phil, if you prefer. I live in the Bay Area and would to collaborate with you. I've been doing this for a pretty long while.

Definitely up for collabing. We can work out the details once 50/90 actually starts. Smile

Hello from Shoreline/North City/Seattle

Hi, I'm new here. San Francisco native and still live here. I've done FAWM the last four years, so I figured it was time to step up to this.


salute from seattle... have an inspired summer...

I am in the SF Bay area, sf proper in fact. While I had the intention of approaching 50/90 this year much like I've done FAWM from 2018-2021, actually working on the songs. But I with other non-musical projects going on, including working remotely M-F in the space where I was trying to do music, I found myself uninspired. I did a whole bunch of recording, but they are mostly stereo mix pieces I created using one synth, a few things that were done using a couple of iOS apps, and the occasional thing I'd yell or guitar into my phone. Most of it I haven't even gone back and listened to, but I do intend to use it all as a base to create the next album. - so at least there's that. Will it be 50 tracks? I don't know, but I'll shoot for that and if I can eventually get it up on bandcamp, I will note is as being from 50/90.

Maybe next year... see yall during FAWM 2022.
Gubna out!