I'll collab with you on ANYTHING!

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I'm doing 50/90 for the first time in 3 years but I only really have this week to do it! So I'll work with anyone on anything. And if you have any spare drum tracks you'd be happy to send me way that would be massively appreciated - esp. if they were psychedelic, punk or metal influenced.

I haven't uploaded anything yet but if you want to know what I sound like then this is the album I made from my 2017 50/90 songs: https://simonwaldram.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-blue

Careful what you say there, Simon. I just listened to L'appel du Vide. I definitely like your sound

Great! Let me know if you want to do something!

You're welcome to any of my lyrics. Apart from the two collaborations completed, "Me" and "I have to live for now" and "Angola Prison Dream" are collabs in progress. Everything else is available.

I did a skip through listen of your tracks, - great stuff.

."City Murmur" stuck out for me with similar chord prog on "Fin", if heard that correctly.

I don't think I am as dissiplined as you, all my stuff is literally hit record then write, and that includes the uber-dubs. Hahhh! But, I like your approach here and just want to say so. I am sure you'll be busy. Others come to mind with a similar, parallel backing sound, but I am sure they'll find you!

I'll check back and see, -- cheers!

Would one of these interest you? I would love it! Love your music!

Okay! Here's the deal: I generally view myself as a low-skill, high-concept kind of guy. If you want to hear what I'm about, you could listen to a few seconds of my songs 1, 4, 7, or 8/9 (which is the "same" song). I've collaborated with a number of folks here in all sorts of capacities, and it generally turns out great. What usually works best for me is if I send someone a really half-baked demo with ideas I deem to be good. The other person then pirates what they like and does something, and then I add to that, and...magic ensues. Here's an example of that, something I did with Vom Vorton. It has the advantage of having 0% of me playing an instrument: https://soundcloud.com/danny-thomas/different-kind-of-magic?in=danny-thomas/sets/curate-2020

If this sort of approach sounds good, I'll try to work up something...maybe today if I find the time

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Psychadelic punk sounds a little right up my alley as well Wink but my recordings tend to live that lifestyle Wink I'd be interested as well in whatever capacity Biggrin

I'm happy to make stems available for most of my stuff. If you hear anything you might like to use, in part or whole, gimme a shout. Smile

Hey Simon! If you look for the "Fake It" challenge in the forum there's a ready made lyric with chords if you just want to record something quickly.

Hey Simon! If you look for the "Fake It" challenge in the forum there's a ready made lyric with chords if you just want to record something quickly.

@SimonWaldram are you looking for lyrics perchance ? Smile I am happy to create something punk/rock/metal/indie folk/singer songwriter/AC etc - had loads of experience in them Smile