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Hi all —

Last night I was messing around making sounds... not music (yet) per se, but decided to start recording/saving sound experiments to try and stitch into musical pieces later. Then it occurred to me that others might be interested in these "sample packs" too, and furthermore I've collected quite a few virtual instruments over the years that I could use to make loops/textures that others might be interested in incorporating into their demos.

This gave me an idea to replace the fawmpilations up on the bandcamp merch page ( — which by the way nobody has bought in several years) with sample packs to help inspire songwriting or accompaniment.

Each pack would have a theme (example ideas I've thought about so far: atmospheres, cassette drums, shakers, classic drum machines, euclidean rhythms, upright bass, string quartet, randomness). If folks were interested in curating their own sample packs, fawmers/5090ers who wanted to could also reach out and contribute their own sounds as well to "crowdsourced" community packs.

They could be released via FAWM's bandcamp page. All proceeds would go to keep FAWM/5090 going.

So my questions are:
1. What do people think about this idea?
2. What price point(s) do you think is/are fair for a sample pack to support FAWM/5090, and for what quantity of loops/samples?
3. What kinds of instruments, sounds, themes, etc., would be most useful to you in your songwriting/demoing process?

One could even imagine FAWM/5090 challenges whereby everyone tries to make their own songs out of sounds in the same sample packs! Smile

Let me know what you think, and thanks for the input...

I like the idea of sample packs. I also like the idea of leaving the Fawmpilations up at a reduced price. But if no-one is buying them then it doesn't really matter.

I really like the idea of a challenge using one set of samples, too.

Subscription is an interesting idea. Maybe a monthly pack throughout the year? Although that might be too much work...

Bandcamp actually does support subscriptions now. I wonder what other perks might be rolled into that?

Doing a little research (, it looks like most sample packs go for $5-20, or something like $0.03-$0.10 per sample. So there's a pretty wide spread.

Most of those are aimed at electronic music makers, though, and we'd probably want to make singer-songwriter focused sample packs for fawmers as well...

Sample packs sounds like a great idea to me, the kind of thing the whole community could get excited and involved with. But I don't see the point in removing the Fawmpilations, even if they're not selling. Actually, something else bringing traffic into the merch store might make them more likely to sell.

Personally, the thing that would be most useful to me is punk power chords. I haven't been able to find any way of making songs with that kind of sound short of buying a guitar.

Aww, I liked the FAWMpilations. Well, 5 of them.

Idea: Make themed packs, and their individual price is "whatever the user wants to pay, plus $x". So "x" is a base price that is seriously reduced, but buyers get to add money to the total if they want. Pretty sure most FAWMers/5090ers would gladly add a little money without having to.

I don't see this as likely to generate a significant amount of revenue. But then I don't know what you would consider significant! Biggrin

I wonder why someone would buy sample packs from FAWM. Maybe I don't fully understand the proposal but I assume samples are readily available from many sources. Am I wrong? What would make FAWM sample packs different/desirable?

Is FAWM/50-90 in need of significant additional support? If so I might suggest a fundraiser or maybe increase the cost of rock hands and grant additional privileges to those members.

Sample packs do seem popular, but as was stated, with mostly electronic styles of music producers. Not sure how much traffic we would generate from outside the Fawm community. I'm all for packs at a relatively inexpensive price point. I would participate, or even help set up, a challenge of using them during 50/90 or FAWM.