I Took My Robot To the Arcade: the album

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To prepare for 50/90, I wrote the last 13 tracks for "I Took My Robot To the Arcade."

I wrote the first track when 50/90 started.

I couldn't think of a series of song titles, so while the first track (posted to 50/90) is "I Took My Robot To the Arcade", that's actually the name of the album. On the album that track is just called "Track 1."

Anyway, it's experimental, electronic, instrumental. It leverages procedural song generation (which I've done before) coupled to Output's "Arcade." (Which I've not used before, but when I have for free for a limited time due to a purchase.) It sounds different than my usual electronic stuff.

(Honestly, I have a MIDI keyboard arriving on Thursday so I can play with Arcade more without tying it to the procedural song generation stuff.)

Like most of my stuff, the album is pay-if-you-want, CC-BY: