I have a finished instrumental that needs a vocal...

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...that has been finished since week 1!

I asked a couple of people if they fancied singing on it (outside of FAWM or 50/90) and they haven't done so.

I've clearly been very inactive with only one tune, but if anyone fancies adding a vocal to this, please feel free to so. I haven't really got time to mix or anything, so I'm happy for you to slap on vocals and upload if you can add me as a collaborator - happy to have, in find I encourage, multiple versions, albeit I know this has been left very late.......

Here it is anyway Smile MP3 download....


That's a gorgeous track, for sure

This is a very lovely piece of music. Did you have an idea in mind for the lyrics when you were writing it or is it a blank sheet for anyone interested in adding vocals?

Completely blank sheet! Smile

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That is a really lovely piece! I hope someone does hop on it! Works for me pretty great as just an instrumental....... I've been feeling pretty lyric'd out all 50/90, didn't plan on writing any as I knew they'd inevitably take a dark turn somewhere and not what I really felt like doing...surrounded by enough of that right now unless you're living under a rock, like I've been trying to do hahaha, yet somehow get some sparks of inspiration at times that haven't ALL been dark and foreboding.

Yes, I've listened a few times really enjoyed the music and I have some ideas. I should have something by Saturday.

Here it is. It's about not being able to be with loved ones because of the pandemic. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/46387