I don't want to say we broke 50/90...

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Hey, I don't want to say that @metalfoot and I broke 50/90 with our epic collab "Error 503" (that you should totally go listen to), BUT!!! I can no longer access my profile, the songlist, or a few other user pages. I'm just getting a blank page. Everything was working earlier. Help???

I can't see the "Songs" page right now.

Songs page won't load for me either. Sad

Yup, me no songs too. And no @vivalarayna either.


I also can't load the songs page..

Yup everything but songs and rayna.

If you referred to the song on its own page using an asterisk and the song's number, it will indeed break the site. However the song shows up fine on Alex's page, so something else may have happened.

Only @Eric Distad can fix this, I'm afraid.