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Well, would you believe this? Once, twice, three times I posted my music without the link! I mean once is okay, right? Twice is... But three times... Honestly!!! Anyway, I wonder whether I'm the only one but I guess probably I'm the one and the only in this one lol.

I've done that.

I've posted and forgotten to include my Collaborator.

Done that. No link. Wrong link. Multiple times.

Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.

Oh yes I have!

Oh my why did you remind me! Song, tags, lyrics almost everything has gone missing at times

Do you mean I'm not the only one? Oh, that's good to know. Thank you Smile

Let me add my pet peeve: How about linking to your music correctly so that the player embeds properly in the 5090 page?! You have a choice between "demo" and "web"--choose wisely. I hate it when I'm taken to a new page, or worse, the 5090 page is replaced by a new page. In the latter case I open a new window, go back to the 5090 site, and find the song again so I can comment while listening.

So far this 50/90 I have only been a part of a couple of Exquisite Corpses (I am getting there with other songs). I very nearly made this mistake. I had copied the link of the ten seconds for the next person and luckily I checked it because it was to the ten seconds I had done for a different corpse.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your experience Smile

@fresh spotless youth sorry you hate it when the songs are posted on a different site. It's okay if you just ignore mine. My reasons are that Bandcamp is currently my favourite site and I dislike posting on Soundcloud because I immediately start having spam when I post something there. I deleted many songs there for this reason. I don't really know why the site seems to be flooded by people who don't post songs but immediately start spamming someone who does. Maybe you have a better experience Smile

@musicsongwriter, I don't know if there's a connection, but I've noted that if I make my Soundcloud tracks 'Private' (e.g. so only Challenge members can hear them), I don't get Spam. Perhaps others can comment on this.

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@Donna Devine I've tried doing just that, but sometimes the private link works to embed, sometimes it doesn't seem to? probably just operator error Smile I still struggle with not taking a hammer to my computer on an almost daily basis Wink

@fresh spotless youth, not all issues with the player are caused by user error! I have tried both the DEMO and the WEB option but only DEMO works. The WEB options always ends with an error "An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator." even though I was never presented with any choice!

So clicking on the PLAY button for my songs always results in either the page being replaced or a new tab opening with the mp3 in it.

If you know of a better way to do it I'd sure be interested as I would MUCH prefer my songs play in the embedded player right there on the page!!

For what it's worth, @johnstaples I randomly clicked on one of your songs and it played in the 50/90 site player just fine.

Thank you again to everyone who is sharing thoughts and tips. I appreciate this very much. My take on it is that unlike many other sites, Bandcamp gives me a chance to see if my music held an interest or not. Everyone has their priorities so whatever matters most would determine which site you'd chose to use Smile

@tcelliott thanks! I just tried it in Chrome and MS Edge and it worked in those browsers like you described. It seems this is just a Firefox issue and since most people don't use Firefox maybe it isn't worth any concern for me at least.

@musicsongwriter I have been thinking of moving to Bandcamp. Soundcloud has gotten weird and will no longer allow me to embed my full songs on social media. I used to use ReverbNation but got tired of their constant ads and promos. So I may want to try Bandcamp soon.

How not to post your song: With the liner notes containing an apologetic tirade about how rubbish the song is. Stop beating yourself up.

That's our job.

@johnstaples hope Bandcamp is still doing it. Everything is changing on websites. I used to love Soundclick but it's a very different site compare to what it used to be. I hope Bandcamp will remain the way it is but one never knows. Personally I dislike changes as they often make things harder or give more limitations. I loved Youtube the way it was when I first joint it when we could chose the colours on our pages and when people cared about each other videos. This was around 2009-2010. I still use Youtube as it is a very good site for uploading videos and I can't compare with any other for this puprpose. For uploading songs and even trying to sell some, Bandcamp is my favourite.
By the way, how do we highlight the name?

@tcelliott thank you.