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Showing my lack of computer skills here. I do not know how to download songs from my saved file. I have a couple collaborations and would like to make copies of them to put on my Music Page(that used to be called iTunes). When I press download this demo, where does it go? and how can I find it? I probably have 20 copies somewhere on my computer.
I know how to Archive when the site closes down, but are the Saved Songs still playable?

What type of computer or device are you using? Most web browser have a default save folder and if you can find that, you can find all that stuff.

Maybe try right-clicking on the "Download" link and it might let you choose a destination?

I have a Mac mini. I think I need to change something in the settings. I wished my grandson lived closer. He could do this in 2 seconds. I have a Downloads file, and can play the song, but I can't save it to my Music file. I have 2 weeks to get it. I am determined.

Not sure what a downloads file is on a Mac mini. On a Mac laptop you can open the downloads window by clicking on File from the top of the desktop screen and selecting New Window then scrolling down to select 'downloads'. This new window shows everything you have downloaded including music. Find the music file you want and select it. You can now drag it to the desktop and save it there. Hope this helps more than it hinders.

I think there might be a bit of confusion over what the "Save this song" button does. From what I can tell, it just sets a flag on the song so that it will appear on your "My Saved Songs" page on the site, which allows you to track songs of interest and come back to them later. What clicking on "Save this song" *doesn't* do is to er, save this song as a file to your computer (from a user interface perspective, that's extremely counterintuitive and I'm tutting sternly).

Not all songs can be downloaded to your own machine. The person posting the song has to make sure the "make this file downloadable" box is checked when they post the song and the box is not checked by default. Songs that have the "make this song downloadable" box ticked will have a link under the player that says "Download this Demo". Clicking on that will open the song as an mp3 file that you can save to your computer. (PC users can right-click on the link and select "save link as" to skip the step of having the file open and start playing in your browser.)

Looking at your songs, there's no "Download this Demo" link displayed, so you haven't ticked the "make this file downloadable" box on the song's edit page. You can go back and tick the box and then click "save" to update the web page. If there's no "Download this Demo" link on someone else's posted song, you will have ask the person who posted the song nicely to see if they'll enable it for you.

@headfirstonly That makes sense. I was thinking about the problem from the point of view of a Mac. Your focus on the 50/90 site is much better.

@headfirstonly thank you. I think you have given me the answer I didn’t know I needed. But you have shown me some of the 50/90 features that I had overlooked. It makes more sense to me now.
I just went back and edited the demos for my collaborations that I wanted to save, by clicking the Downloadable button. Voila.

@Mandolinda Glad to hear you're all sorted now!