How do you link someone in a comment?

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Okay, I'm relatively new here but this particular thing has been bugging me:

When I make a comment and I want to tag someone in it, I figured the way to do it is to but an "@" sign and then there name (i.e. @kenmattsson) and it would tag them, but it obviously doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? I can't see anywhere here that explains how to do it.


You need to put the name and @ symbol in between square brackets, e.g. [ @kenmattsson ] without the spaces becomes @kenmattsson

Thank you @headfirstonly! This is a simple thing, but as far as I know, it's not written anywhere. Where did you learn this?

@kenmattsson Another thing is that you have to spell the person's name exactly as they do e.g. same use of upper and/or lower case and spaces between first and second names if they use them. PS I forget this every year and have to try and remember it at the start of each 50/90.

I stand corrected @tcelliott on the previously written part. Guess it wasn't too apparent to me.

And thanks for the pep talk last night. I now have 4 collabs I have to get to.

No worries, @kenmattsson. A random thread from early July isn't the easiest information to find.

Congratz on the collabs.